Thursday, January 17, 2013

Teenage Angst

Life. As we know it.
If you expected this to be some philosophical humbug or something along the lines of "The Guide to Enlightenment" you are terribly mistaken.

From the eyes of a hypocritical internet addicted teenager:

Nobody said life was going to be perfect. So stop complaining.We all have problems, the only difference is, some of us try to deal with them. It's not pleasing to see you rant about how much you're mad at your parents for getting you the last season Gucci handbag. It's seriously too bad that you 'failed' your examinations with a low score of 90 frickin' 5. (Excuse my language)
 I definitely don't care that your boyfriend forgot your week-a-versary. Is that even a thing now? Sheesh.
I'm sorry if you're heartbroken and teary-eyed to find out that people actually don't give a shit. But that's exactly what I'm here for. Breaking the news; good and bad. I don't care if you're upset, I don't care if you're displeased. I haven't said this in a while but, I don't live to please you.

 Do something useful for once. Anything. Log out of facebook, tune out of the social network for a few hours. I'm not asking you to study or anything. Now that would be totally hypocritical of me, given that I haven't studied in over a month. But if you find studying fun and/or amusing, knock yourself out!
 I'm asking for you to go out and play like a crazy, psychotic toddler. Do crazy, insane, bizzare things. Why? Because you can! Do any of you even have a bucket list? Like "50 things to do before I'm 20" or "Places to go before I die". I know I don't. That's because I'm one of the most laziest people you will never meet. But there's nothing stopping you. Is there?

Take your little sister out for the most funniest animated movie you can find. Go shopping with your mom. Talk to your weird neighbor that no one seems to like. Prank random people.

Drive the people around you insane!

Do whatever you want to. Just go out there and live your life. I'm right behind you.