Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Hey there.
Do you know what it feels like to be in love? I don't. I'm literally like 'yuck' when I hear the  word love. I don't believe in it. I believe in love when it deals with family. I love my parents, my sister and my relatives; some of them. But when it comes to the gushy, gooey love that girls my age yearn for, I have complete and total disinterest. I think that most people my age confuse infatuation with love.
When I tell my friends I love them, it's completely platonic. But some of the girls I see are 'head-over-heels in love' with their guy, this really doesn't make sense to me because, I think we're all too young to be in love. They go so far to keep someone in their lives but is it all really that essential.
We teenagers are way to greedy and impatient to be 'in love' with someone. 
But what do I know, like I know anything about love.

I typed all of this syncing with the 
rhythm of Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone, Cups version" and this is pretty fun. hehe.

In other news, I visited the doctor yesterday regarding my shoulder injury.
The conversation that took place.
Doc: So where does it hurt?
Me: My shoulder, neck, arm and wrist are hurting.
Doc: Okay, *pokes my hand* Does it hurt?
Me: No.
Doc: It seems like there's nothing seriously wrong with it. Just ignore it.
Me: Uh. Okay.
Doc: So what subjects did you take?
Doc: Chi. Should have taken BiPC
Me: So I could become a lameass doctor who makes their patients sit 4 hours in the waiting room?! Douchebag. 
Oh ya. Haha.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Enlightenment & Flying

Recently, I've taken up reading some holy books as per the suggestion of my Aunt and my Mother. I finished reading one of the books and I learned so much about my religion, culture and customs.

See, the meaning of enlightenment is 
awakening to the ultimate truth by which man is freed from the endless cycle of personal reincarnations to which all men are otherwise subject. Woah, so deep. But how exactly do we reach such a state? Well, it isn't easy. I mean, every single thing you do, think and say can affect whether or not you will be able to reach enlightenment. You must leave all worldly desires and have complete and utter faith in God and must never sway from your goal. Being human, this seems very difficult; and it is. But what's the point if we don't try? Nobody's perfect but we do aspire to be so. 

Also, I got hit by a car last month. It's been exactly one month since it happened to the date. My two wheeler got hit by a car and I flew (literally) off of the scooter; I fell about 5 meters away and my scooter went and hit a wall. 
As soon as I fell, I thought I died. I've never been so scared before. The first thing I said was "God, I'm dead". After I assured myself that I hadn't died, I realized that I couldn't feel my legs, at all. (I thought I'd broke both my legs. But I hadn't.) Four men came running and picked me up and sat me in front of a dairy parlor. They gave me water to drink and to wash my face. By this time around 20-30 people had huddled around me; they thought I died or something. I went into a complete state of shock  which I didn't recover from until a couple of hours later. The car's owner checked to make sure if I'd broken anything and then asked me where I was going. I started crying when he asked me this because I was going to buy a pen refill to study for my mathematics exam that I had a couple of days later; my finals. 


I got X-rays done for my shoulder, spine and arm. I have a soft-tissue injury in my wrist and my neck curvature has become completely straight. I have to go to physiotherapy soon. MEH. 

I'm sorry this post is so dry. BLEH. I'll post more interesting stuff soon! :D


Friday, April 5, 2013


Hello my non-existent readers!
I'm ecstatic at the moment and I have absolutely no idea why! haha. I'm supposed to be studying for my B.Architecture exam that's on Sunday. (Don't ask me what the 'B' stands for, I'm not sure) YAY! I haven't even started!
 Life seems so beautiful right now, that's weird because I spend approximately 9 hours of my day at a Coaching center for my examinations. So fun! NOT. Lately, I've a sudden interest in photography and I want to fool around with whatever camera I can find. But I have a ton on my plate with all my competitive exams and college entrance exams coming up. Yikes!

To Do List:

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Blog more often
  • Video Blog!
  •  Gym *sigh*
  • Start playing Lacrosse/Volleyball again.
  • Improve vocal chords 
  • Get rid of my two left feet
  • Sewing?! O_O
  • Scrap booking!!
  • Shopping! :D
  • Become ambidextrous
  • Turn into a walking dictionary
Wow. I was just looking at that list and I think I missed out buying yarn and a bunch of cats. Geez, I sound like an old woman. Hm, how about:
  • Travel
  • Party hard
  • Pranks! :D
  • Watch a scary movie at the cinemas :O
  • Not get a heart attack after ^

Right now, I feel like that girl from the show 'Awkward', blogging to herself. Well she shares all her deepest, darkest secrets thinking nobody will read about her but I'm not really in the mood to share all that! :D If anyone is actually out there, don't be afraid to leave a comment! :) I won't bite.

P.S.- Recently, I dared myself to give a high-five to a random stranger. My friends totally discouraged it saying, we live in a country where that is not socially accepted. Well after I heard that, I definitely had to do it! Only if to prove them wrong :)
I walked up to some 13-15 year olds and asked if I could get a high-five. I got two and walked away 'Like a Bosss' I will never forget those  kids faces! 
Live crazy!
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