Monday, June 17, 2013

Read this. I dare you.

Happy Father's Day! :)
Nope, this post isn't going to about father's day! So, at ease gentlefolk! 

I tried to start a video blog type thing the other day. Let me just say, WHAT AN EPIC FAIL. I absolutely hate the way I look on camera, my accent sounds so mean-girl-like. *cries* I had no idea I could be so retarded. Hopefully, I'm not like that all the time. If I am, I totally understand why I don't have friends now.  After about three retakes, I gave up. I still have the footage and I have no idea how to edit it. Maybe I'll muster up the courage to actually put it out there one day. Or maybe, I'll do it if someone gives me a little nudge! *smiles* Anyone? ANY-ONE?! Ah forget it. *sigh* I'll probably just continue my life blogging to myself like this. Then one day, I'll show this blog to my kids (Because I don't think anyone else will be reading this in the near future) and they'll just be like, 'Wow, mom. You were weird.' Maybe then someone would be benefited from all this pointless mumbo jumbo. Ah what am I saying, I'll just end up forcing one of my poor little friends (and let me say there aren't that many) to read all this stuff one day.

Wow. I have just realized that this stuff sounds like some shitty 'Dear Diary' stuff. I'm ashamed.
No. Time for change! *GAME FACE*

Nah, too lazy. Maybe the next post. Teehee.

Oh darn, I forgot to post this yesterday. Nevertheless. *Belated Father's Day!

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