Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'm still finding myself in this big, bad world. I've made so many mistakes, failed a thousand times and picked myself up again. But I really haven't started living my life yet. The things I have done don't even begin to measure up to the things I could do. I'm destined for more, I just know it. I'm not just an average girl. I've got some purpose in this life of mine, I just need to find it. 
People will push me down every second of every day but I won't give up. It may seem like I'm losing but I believe there is no end game. Yes we have a fate that's written by the gods and I know they planned something great for us and I'll find it. My purpose, my goal. Whatever it is. Life may throw a thousand things at me and I may not be ready but I'll learn from every mistake I make and fight to become better. Someday, I'll  hold my head up high and be able to say "I'm proud of what I am". Until that day, I won't stop running, I won't stop fighting. I'm still rising.

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