Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summers & Sales

I don't think I've ever spent a single summer of my measly existence actually doing something fun. (see how I didn't say productive?) I'm such a boring person. *sigh*
I went shopping yesterday! It was fun! But boring. For like the first time ever, I went shopping by myself. I was freaking out on the inside. Thankfully, everyone I met was extra special nice. But it was weird not having anyone with me. (This was partly due to the fact that two of my friends are idiots and don't know how to pick up the phone. You know who you are.) 

Anyway, I bought clothes and stuff. Yup. I'll post pictures in my photo blog sometime.  
Ooh. When I was at Mango, there was this crazy lady shopping and out of the blue she started yelling at the store clerk! I'm like, 'Whoa'. She was all like,'What kind of establishment are you running?! I'm a regular customer! You hear me! Regular customer! I shop here all the time! This dress was here the last time I came here and you still don't have the size I need! How many times do I need to tell you! Do I need to talk to the management?!'
And I'm just standing there thinking 'Someone forgot to take their craaazy pills!' I don't understand why she had to go full hulk on that poor woman. It's not as if she owns the freaking store.

7 Annoying things that shopping clerks say/do:

1. From the second you enter the store, they watch your every move like a hawk waiting for the kill. Sometimes, it's almost as if they want you to steal something so their day becomes interesting.

2. They follow you around the entire time asking you to buy some stupid piece of clothing that's overpriced, ugly, old and nobody wants to buy it. But the moment you actually need their help, it's like a freaking desert. They're nowhere in sight!

3. "Excuse me madame, you would like great in this dress"
    "Oh you mean that thing in your hand that even a hooker wouldn't wear. I see."

4. When I'm holding a size medium and ask you to get me a smaller size and I'm handed a large. 
'What the hell is wrong with you?! Does your brain even function?!'

5. "Can I help you find something?"
I mean seriously, how does your brain work? I have just entered the store. Can you at least give me a second to register where the hell I am?! Chill. 

6. That one clerk that remembers you from your previous shopping experiences and runs towards you at like 90 mph (OVER-EXAGGERATING MUCH!) to throw some stupid sales pitch at you.
 'We are having 40% discount on all guy products'.
'Last time I checked I was a girl. And even if you thought I was going to buy it for some guy; I'm single. So thank you stupid clerk for reminding me of that!'

7. 'These earrings go perfectly with that sweater you picked out before'= I don't actually give a shit about what you're buying, but I've almost reached my sales goal so I will try to make you buy these expensive pair of earrings that actually look terrible on you.

UPDATE: Oh my god. I was such a horrible person. I don't even think half of that stuff. What was I thinking?!
I love it when shopkeepers remember me from shopping previously. They're always so nice.
This ridiculous post was written when I was suffering from the way-over-my-head, blind-to-the-world syndrome.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Types of People on Facebook

What is this you say?! Am I really posting two days consecutively?! YES! YES I AM! Okay, enough fake enthusiasm.

Types of People on Facebook

1. Narcissists- Profile picture has to change at a minimum of 3 times per week. Most people are narcissistic but there is a limit to everything. They'll spam your feed 24/7.

2. Know-it-alls: Will post useless information that will not benefit you in any way. 
'Cats are actually felines. :D'. NO SHIT?!

3. Hopelessly 'in love' - That friend who shares lovey dovey pictures and statuses. If you know who the posts are for, it gets funnier. But pretty soon it's just 'I wish you get hit by a truck, go into a coma, come out of the coma, understand the true meaning of your life and/or gather up enough courage to ask her/him out!!!!' 

4. Farmville 'Gamers'- 'I am a total gamer, I play farmville all day man'. Like no! 

5. Transformers/WWE/Supaahstars!- If you send me a friend request and the only pictures that you have up are of cars, wrestlers, actors, etc.; I will delete your request immediately. I have enough dipshits in my friend's list as it is. T_T

6. The Stalker- You know what I'm talking about. That one person who starts liking your old posts out of the blue. 'Oh, it just popped up on my feed'. I CALL BULLSHIT. 

7. Hopelessly Drunk- That one friend who's everything but sober after a night of partying hard and decides to take to the social networks. The random comments, verbal abuses and starting pointless arguments. By the next morning, they won't even remember the chaos they created the previous day. 

8. Buttinskis- No matter what's happening, they want to take part in it. They butt into every single thing you do. Their characteristics resemble the obsessive girlfriend.

9. Sorrowful Idiots- They have no idea what's going on but feel a need to say something.
'Oh your grandma died? I'm going to miss her, she was a good person'
'Dude, she died 5 years ago... And how the hell did you know my grandma?!'

10. Annoying Biffles- It's a necessity for them to share how frequently they meet their friends. Mostly all they do is see each other from across the street and wave. But still we'll see:
'Ohmigawd. Today was like the best day evaah. Gurl, you soo awesome. Your my best sister. Bob, you're like the best brother (not really her brother) I could ever ask for. Lol, Sue, you're like so retarded. But like I love you and all. Hahaha *bunch of smileys* I thank god that you're like my bestest friends ever. *more smileys* We're gonna stick together like forever Guys. Like guys seriously. FOREVAHH! hahahaha.
The worst part is when guys do this. 

11. The Befriender- They have no idea who that person is. They don't even know if they're real. They will add every single request they get just for the kick of it. This works both ways. Some people just add every single person they see. 'Oh you liked my uncle's sister's nephew's picture. I'm adding you. Now love me.'

12.The Traveler- That one friend that you get so jealous of after seeing all of the amazing pictures from their travels. All you can do is claw at the screen yelling 'TAAKE ME WITH YOU'.  

13. Drama Queen- It's a little harder to classify people under this category because there are so many types. Basically making a big issue of a small thing, 'indirectly' criticizing people (mostly exes or people that rejected them), fussing about with things that don't affect them, etc. 

14. Cray-cray for photoshop:
Okay, everyone touches up their picture a teensy bit. But there's something seriously wrong with the picture if I can't tell where the person is in it. Mostly guys enhancing their muscles, girls/guys editing famous people into the picture, quote pictures with the person's face in the background; the quotes are usually nonsense with pathetic grammatical errors.

15. Victims of auto-correct- I feel bad for these people. They post some status without checking if anything got auto-corrected. 

16. The person who TyPeS LiKe ThIs- It's takes everything I've got to refrain from smashing a keyboard against your head.

17. The Promoter- Always sends event invitations to things that you ultimately delete or ignore. 
No, I don't think I want to be a part of 'Rocking peeplez'.

18. The Rooster- Thinks it's their obligation to tell facebook "Good Morning" every day. 

19.The tagger- This type really annoys me. They'll tag you in random quote pictures. Even worse, they'll tag you in their profile picture- when you're not even in the picture or in any way related to it!

20. Forever Invisible- This person is never online on the chat. But you can see their activity nearly every five seconds. You know they've read your message but they still don't reply.

21.The average user- The person that logs in once or twice a day, updates a status about twice a week, maybe more if something really interesting happens. They look over everyone's posts, leave comments occasionally and click the 'Like' button if they actually like the post. They have about 100 friends which consist of one or two childhood friends, some high school and college friends, relatives, etc.
(This type is very rare to come by)

That was all I could think of. There are obviously more types. Let me know any more. :)


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's been a long day

Drat. Here I was thinking I was on a roll with this blogging thing. *sigh*
I've been busy the last couple of days because I've been at a temple for most of the time. I've taken up reading another holy book so my time's been occupied.

I successfully completed the book-260 pages. BOO YAH! 
There's one thing I've seen that never fails to happen. When you finally start ignoring a person who doesn't give a shit about you, that's precisely when they remember you. Huh. People are quite unpredictable. And retarded, how can I forget retarded. 
Today's been a really long day. Got up in the wee hours of the morning and drove for about 2 hours in the rain; traffic was terrible. I tried to sleep on the way but there were too many potholes on the road and because I had no desire of flying into the windshield, I gave up on sleep. Once we got to the temple it was a whole day of pujas. I got a break for 2 hours where my brother, sister and I scarfed down burgers. Ooh! I bought a happy meal after like 5 years, today. Got one of those cute little 'Despicable Me' Minions. ^_^

Okay now I need to talk about this: SHOPPING.
There are sales in literally (almost) every single store in the city. I MUST GO SHOPPING. I'm a bit of a shopaholic so I live for sales! I must say, it was more fun shopping in the states because they'd drive a good bargain. Now most of the sales are fraudulent with their stupid 'UP TO 50% off'. Not flat; 'up to'. So there'll be like one piece of clothing in the entire store that is actually 50% off that I like and of course, it's too big on me.    -_- I've somehow convinced my mother to let me go shopping, so YAY!

Here's something new. I'll be posting random wishes I have; in no particular order of preference. Just whatever pops up. 
Wish 1: Someone to fund my shopping craze.
Wish 2: For it to stop raining when I prefer it. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pranked Prankster

Remember how I told you that I'd probably end up forcing one of my poor friends to read this stuff someday? Well, that day is here. It's so strange to think that people other than you guys are reading this. Like someone is literally peering inside my mind. Doesn't get more up close and personal than this huh?

So there's this guy who keeps calling me. He's been bothering me for the last four months. I'd block one of his numbers and he'd call from another one. He just never quits! We definitely don't even know each other. Today he called me from another number. The conversation which took place:
Him: Helloooo. You said you would give me the hay yesterday! I still haven't got it! Who do you think you are?! Why do you think I pay you! I need it for the farm animals! (His poor attempt at trying to prank me)
*I start laughing*
Me: Sorry, wrong number.

*people are laughing from his end of the call and telling him what to say*
I hang up and he calls back.
Him: Hey. Don't you remember me? I call you and you keep hanging up on me!

Me: Ugh. It's you. How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to talk to you. Leave me alone!
*I hang up and block this number too*

I was pretty pissed at this point so I sought help from my friends. I sent his number to a couple of my guy-friends and lets just say, things got interesting.
So nearly 10 people called him and started bothering him.
One conversation:

My friend: You keep calling me so many times! 
Him: huh?
My friend: I got a thousand calls from this number. You better stop it or I'll give a police complaint!
Him: I'm sorry brother, sorry. I won't call.

The psycho texted me later saying that he wouldn't call anymore if I really didn't want to talk to him. Such a weird guy. 

Okay I've stayed up pretty late. 


Silent Night

The house is enveloped in darkness and I'm seated on top of the black marble counter at the edge of my kitchen peering out into the night. The only light in the room is from the small fluorescent bulb above the pooja mandir and the other of course, my laptop. The yellow streetlight flickers to life every few seconds casting eerie shadows of the trees onto the windows. The air is quite cool today but I liked the way everything was so calm in here. It's easier for me to gather my thoughts this way. There's a woman yelling something from the tall, grey apartment that looms over my house. Something about forgetting to do something once again. As I try to pinpoint her voice, I see the lights get turned off one by one in each floor of the building. Sleepy time for the little ones. I can hear the sounds of vehicles running off into the night. Wonder where they're going, maybe they'll be willing to take me along with them. To a place so far away that I'd be able to forget my life before. But no one stops. Why should they? They're probably out for a fun night in the city. I look out onto my neighbor's terrace as a small movement catches my eye. The door that leads up stairs is left ajar. It moves with the wind. The light they lit at the bottom of the stairs escapes onto their roof, in turn making another set of shadows. The white floor of their terrace is covered in tiny puddles from the showers before. Pieces of a broken plastic chair litter their terrace. It starts to drizzle and I can hear the pitter-patter of raindrops hitting against the roof. A strong gust of wind blows through the room causing the windows and doors to rattle. I shiver as I pull the sleeves of my sweater further down. A tiny sneeze escapes my mouth and I wonder if it'd be enough to wake someone. I here my mother tossing in her sleep and I peer out from behind the fridge to see if she's up. No one's coming. The house turns silent again. I can hear a girl screaming in a high-pitched voice next door. Oh, is she already back from China. She's always yelling at someone or the other. About it 'being her life' and 'her choice'. I don't want to be rude but she seems to be spoiled. Oh and those Justin Bieber songs! When I was told of her plan to study abroad, I was joyed to hear that my ears would be relieved from that ghastly voice and of course her rendition as she sang along with him. I once got up from the middle of my tuition and yelled 'Shut up! For gods sake!'. She didn't take the hint. 
Darn, I'm pretty thirsty. I get up to get a glass of water.
I giggle to myself. Someone's snoring. 

The air isn't as fierce as before now and it gently caresses my cheeks.
The clock strikes twelve. Somewhere in the world, a pretty girl is running home to her step-mother as her carriage turns into a pumpkin again. 

There's an ambulance in the next street over. Hope everyone's alright.
I pause to stretch my hands out. Haha. I remember screaming 'Arthritis' every time someone tried to crack my knuckles for me. I smile as I crack them now. I came to acquire this bad habit recently.
The bars for my wifi connection start to falter. Stupid Airtel.
My toes are snug and warm in purple socks and my head covered by a black hood. I would look like a criminal if I was lurking out in the streets. Jumping from shadow to shadow, scaring some passerby. 
A yawn escapes my lips. Time for some shut-eye. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trying a Hand at Story-telling: Short Story 1

My words don't have that refinement that I yearn for. Soon enough deary, soon enough...
Shall I tell you a story? One about love and death. Friendship and family. 
As all lovely stories start out; Once upon a time- long ago, twas a season of furious winds and crumpling hearts. Aeolous beckons thee- for you have wronged. What have you done to upset the gods now, child? Wrath shall be dealt upon you if you've tested the god's patience. Cyane is not your love.

He does not know your reasons and he doth not care. Don't infatuate yourself with a lord's girl-child. He has but one he cherishes. The six sons of royal birth won't hesitate to unearth flesh from bone to protect their beloved gentlewoman. 
Her mesmerizing eyes and subtle glances are acts of trickery- for she feasts upon a marvelous show of blood and gore. Her soft features aren't a reflection of her cruel, bitter heart and she could never love thee as her tender heart has  been broken a thousands times before. 
She was once a lass who'd given her heart as a whole to every lad who'd pass'er by. The empress lived a life of joy but her brothers sought to put an end to every lover. Tears of pain escaped her sparkling eyes and splashed onto the dirt to flourish the ground with cyan flowers. 
And here you stand, in a field of lost lovers. The cartilage litters the bare earth where her throne sits. 
What was it this time, boy? Did she promise you a plentiful of riches or maybe it was eternal life? You say you love her but is this what love is? I think not. Love is one of the most wonderful emotions we mortals come to feel. It is a thing of beauty. Love may be eternity or it could be for a short while. It's the way your eyes light up when you see your beloved. Or the way you yearn to hold her in your arms. Love is accepting the other of all their imperfections to focus on their glory. 
What she feels for you is not love nor lust. She has lost too many to feel again. Return to a place where fools love boldly and furiously for the place you stand is devoid of such emotion. 
The palace of the high-born where she resides only has place for pride and honor for the lord favors none other. 'Tis not a place for a runt like you.

Leave and never come back. Forget this place and the sorrow it brings upon us. I'm lost in the ocean of blue flowers and I've long lost the hope of trying to find a way out. I've accepted my ill fate so run before it becomes a fate we both must share. 

And the tale comes to an end. Or does it? It doesn't mention even a measly detail about friendship. Was that a disappointment? Well, not all stories turn out the way we want them to.

P.S.- Forgive me for the repetitive use of words and everything else that may seem out of place. Please criticize it to your heart's content. But let me know. (:


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Forever Young

This is the fourth time I've been trying to write about something but I just can't. I think I have writer's block. I can barely finish a sentence and my mind just seems blank.

Rio's playing on the tele. Why do animated movies always make things better? Is this part of the innocence we unknowingly carry as we grow up? As eight-year old me, I promised myself that no matter how old I get, I'd never stop watch cartoons/animated shows. I'd see all the 'grown-ups' busy in their monotonous, stress-filled lives and I could never understand why they couldn't just pause everything to spare a moment to have a good laugh. I'm called 'kid' a lot but I really don't mind. In this life of ours, we don't get enough time to be a kid- who doesn't have to worry about anything. What was the biggest thing we ever had to worry about? That one Pokemon card we could never seem to collect? If I could cherish that innocence forever; by god I would. I'll never be that grumpy old woman who surrounds herself with cats- I don't even like cats. Forever young, that's precisely what I'll be.

Monday, July 15, 2013

We Want What We Can't Have

I want crazy. I want silly. I want simple. I want funny. I want permanent. I want happy. I want easy. I want wonderful. I want fun. I want freedom. I want liberty. I want right. I want bright. I want belief. I want hope. I want fantasy. I want the impossible. I want possibility. I want silence. I want noise. I want mystic. I want magic. I want trust. I want patience. I want appreciation. I want acceptance. I want to be forgiven. I want concern. I want comfort. I want gallantry. I want splendor. I want fearlessness. I want bliss. I want ecstasy. I want fortune. I want joy. I want the world and more. 
                 I want good. I want good enough. No, I want great. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Awful Case of Hiccups

The truth hurts. I've been repeating that to myself over and over.

When did the nights became so chilly that I had to dig around for my old hoodie?
I turned on the old room heater and it erupts in a low grumbling noise. I hope no one wakes up from it. The heat blasts from it and my toes feel all toasty and warm. I dangle my hands in front and I can see my red nails sparkle in the dim light. I let my fingers linger even as it gets a little to hot. Sometimes pain makes you feel alive.* Someone's outside my door. I hear noises through the house. Mom must be up to get a glass of water. Ow. The heat led me to discover a new burn on my wrist.

 I have an awful case of hiccups that seems to worsen by the minute. My throat almost feels bruised by it. There's isn't a drop of water in the plastic blue bottle beside my bed and I'm a bit too lazy to go get one from the dining room. On top of that, I might wake someone. Do you know that old wives' tale about hiccups? Well it's said that when you're hiccuping, it's because someone is thinking about you. I don't know who'd be thinking about me at such an hour but please stop, if only for a couple of hours. If you so badly want to talk to me, I'm only a phone call away. Don't be shy. If not, wait until the morning! This girl needs some sleep.
 I absolutely despise cold weather and all the sickness and sorrow it brings along. Not like the other seasons are any better but the monsoon season is so dreary. Augh. There's just something in the air this time of year. It's just so dull and lifeless.  

'Rain, Rain, Go Away. Come again another day'

*- I'm a very strong disbeliever of self-infliction.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

How To NOT Make a Plush/Pillow

1. Do not use super glue to stick ends of cloth together. You may end up stuck to the cloth instead.
2. Do not overestimate the ability of stitch glue.
3. Do not assume the material will be enough.
4. Do not poke your finger with a needle. You don't know how to sew.
5. Do not turn your mother's help down if she's willing to sew.
6. Do not use a 20 year old ancient-looking sewing machine. If it breaks, your Grandmother will most definitely yell at you.
7. Do not look at awesomely-fantabulous pillow designs on Pinterest. Your morale is low enough as it is, this won't help.
8. Do not have hopes on creating an adventure time themed pillow. You have no skills.
9. Do not think the cotton you used to stuff  is enough. It never is and you'll end up with a snake pillow that looks like it's just been beaten to death.
10. Do not forget to draw a rough line before cutting. You can't cut in straight lines and you know it.
11. Do not watch YouTube instructional videos done by old ladies. They're too boring.

If it looks like this, then you should just give up. There's really no hope for you. Just go out and buy a pillow, you idiot. 

Yes, this was the result. 


So I found this list of phobias on the internet so I'm looking at it and I've discovered that I have a few of these phobias. I found extremely weird phobias.   
Here we go!

See, the weird thing about me is sometimes I can come over things that scare me quite a lot, other times I freak out. 
For example:
  • I'm scared of tight spaces but I did this zorbing thing: Being tossed in every direction in a bubble like thing. I was laughing like an idiot. Other times, I would start hyperventilating. 
  • One time I was hiding in my room because of the thunder and lightning. Another time I was literally staring up at the sky hoping for it. 

1. Acrophobia: Fear of heights
2. Agyiophobia: Fear of crossing busy streets
3. Claustrophobia: Fear of closed spaces
4. Lygophobia: Fear of darkness
5. Topophobia: Fear of performing
6. Trypanophobia: Fear of injections
7. Testophobia: Fear of taking tests, Well actually,
8. Atychiphobia: Fear of failure
9. Monophobia: Fear of being alone

What are you scared of?

P.S.-Here's a bonus word. I won't tell you what it means. Find out for yourself. 'Philophobia'
P.P.S.- Some of these phobias are so weird. Like-Cipophobia: fear of food and Coprophobia: Fear of shit. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I'm walking down this road made up of broken dreams and wishes that never came true. I look around for some reassurance but there's no one standing beside me. No one to grab my hand, to tell me it's all going to be alright. I'm just a little lost. I've always been afraid of the dark but I'm starting to believe it's more than that. I fear being alone. I fear being left behind. I fear for those nights like this where it seems likes no one knows I exist. They're all running down their brightly-lit paths or maybe they're holding  flashlights. Beacons of hope and love. Where's my beacon? Where's my light?
Never took the road much less traveled down. Always looked for the easy way out. Look where it's got me. How do you know what the right thing to do is?  I need to find myself a bag of sparkly fairy dust and just fly away from everything. Maybe I'll find Neverland. Don't worry, I'll take you with me. 

My least favorite consonant

This letter is possibly my least favorite in the alphabet. It used to be cool but nowadays, it's getting on my nerves. This letter is shaming poor old potassium. Unless we are talking about chemistry and my question is somewhere along the lines of, 'What is the symbol for Potassium?', you do not  under any other circumstance answer 'K'. Capiche?
Say okay, kay, ok. But please for gods-sake, don't say 'k'. It's incredibly annoying. Have I made myself clear? Good. 

Glad we came to an agreement.


Crazy for Coco Puffs?

Today my mother asked me if I was insane. O_O Well, I was talking to myself, so the question is reasonable.
I'm seriously beginning to think so because I just started laughing hysterically when my favorite song came up on my playlist. I'm dancing right now and misspelling nearly every word I type. Thank god for spell check. I think I get more affected by music than other people. I'm not even kidding. I feel like I'm on drugs or something. And I don't even know what being on drugs is like!
I desperately need to start interacting with people before I totally lose it.

Okay, so I have these pair of supra-aural headphones and the left earphone got detached. I lightly fit it back into its slot but with the slightest movement, it falls out again. It's done that 10 times in the last minute and I'm getting terribly impatient.
Haven't got much to say today so toodle-oo!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Things That Annoy Me

Most of my posts seem to be a little too serious.
Better mix it up before I quit on this blogging thing.
*clears throat*
Things That Annoy Me:
1. When people behind you honk at you to move at a red light.
2. When guys assume that I like them in the first five seconds that we've met.

3. Thinking I got a text from a friend but it ends up being a commercial message. 
4. Slow internet
5. Airtel
6. No fan above the equipment I'm using in the gym.
People in exceptionally good shape at the gym.
8. When the gym closes earlier on the days I want to spend extra time.
9. Low battery in my phone/laptop. 
10. Love at first sight.
11. People who don't share the same enthusiasm I have upon seeing them. 
12. Teachers trying to boss students around outside of school. Especially on facebook.
13. Most stereotypes.
14. Racists.
15. Bacon. (I'm a vegetarian... I don't really know why I chose bacon.)
16. When I type an entire blogpost and the internet crashes before I save it.
17. Getting calls while I'm texting someone. 
18. Whatsapp group chat notifications
19. Seen notifications
20. People who can't spell 
21. People who think I'll freak out if they touch my hair.
22. Itchy wool sweaters
23. Weighing machines T_T
24. People who try to suppress others' opinions.
25. Pretentious people.
26. My hair.
27. Cigarette smoke
28. Mad Men
29. People who can't keep secrets.
30. Tomatoes.
31. Spinach.
32. Any leafy vegetable.
33. Power cuts.
34. Power cuts in the middle of my favorite show.
35. PDA (Public Display of Affection)
36. Disney nowadays
37. My inability at cooking anything.
38. Lack of books to read.
39. Justin Bieber.
40. Mosquitoes 
41. Rude bystanders/people on other vehicles on the road.
42. Gawkers 
43. Noisy eaters
44. Bullying.
45. People reading over your shoulder.
46. Flat tires.
47. When you run out of hot water in the shower.
48. Acne
49. Make-up.
50. Tanning.
51. Children (very tiny people) who curse.
52. Uniforms.
53. People that say 'rey'.
54. Being stuck in the middle of two people in the backseat of the car. 
55. Being sick.
56. Dexter
57. No Christmas Presents
58. Deceptive T.V. commercials.
59. Birthdays lacking cake.
60. Not finding songs I prefer on a jukebox.
61. That my friends don't live anywhere near me.
62. When people talk behind my back.
63. Over exaggerators.
64. Reactions in chemistry 
65. Annoyingly long blogs. 

Gotta Show The World

My eyelids start to droop shut as my eyeballs roll back. Even over the blaring music, I can hear the second-hands of the clock ticking ever so faintly. I've been playing the same song on a loop for the last thirty minutes or so. I always do this. Obsess over a song and play it over and over again until I get sick of it. But this one is different. I haven't been able to stop listening to it for the last couple of days.
"Sometimes, running on low 

Takes you all the way home
Proves how far you can go
You've got to show the world
When it all feels like everything's impossible
And you don't fit right in a crowd

Go wild and break the mold
If you don't try you'll never fly

But you gotta be brave"

Listening to this song, my lips curve from a frown into a smile in mere seconds. I talk about this bizarre way my moods change quite frequently, don't I?
You know where my happy place is?
In moments like this. Late at night, sitting up with folded legs as my dull faded headphones deliver beautiful melodies into my ears whilst I run my fingers across the keyboard. It's kind of hard to explain the way I feel and why I share all this with you in these late night sessions. But do we really need a reason for everything we do? No, I'd rather not. I'd rather give apt and detailed descriptions about the minute things that actually matter.

I fall into this whirlwind of depression from the slightest nudge. If I don't try to be strong, I won't be. It's as simple as that, right? Control the mind, before it controls you.

I guess this'll be my new mantra, "If you don't try, you'll never fly".
Be brave.

song: 'Brave'- Action Item

Monday, July 8, 2013


Love me. Love me not. Love me? Love me not?!
Since I was a child I've seen people plucking flower petals reciting these words trying to determine if 'THE GUY' loves them or not. I never really understood the concept behind this and thought it was kind of weird to be picking at these poor flowers. 

I'd always end up picking at the flowers saying things like, "I hate you? I really hate you?!" or just throwing the petals at the nearest victim.  
The world is a strange place isn't it?

Okay, I don't know the first thing about relationships... Oh who am I kidding?! I've seen so many different types of relationships since I was in elementary school for gods-sake! From the 9-year old girls and boys to the cooties. Ah, the innocence of the little ones.
To be honest, for most of my fourth grade, I was the girl people sought advice from about their 'love life'. During the recess time, people would take me to the farthest bench on the playground under two towering oak trees. They'd sit me down and start telling me all their troubles and problems in life. I would sit there listening to every single word they uttered and afterwards, I'd advise them to the best of my ability. A new person would ask me to meet them nearly every day. I literally felt like a teddy bear that a toddler talks to as if it were real. Mostly guys would be talking to me. I just didn't get along with the prissy, popular girls. So these girls obviously despised me even more. Yay me!
I remember this one instance where I was trying to get my best friend together with this girl he had a huge crush on. I started talking to her for his sake only to find that she liked my other friend. *Let me remind you this was the fourth grade!!* Anyway, I convinced her that Guy No. 1 was much better. Case Closed. Meanwhile, the guy 'realized' that he liked me. *GASP*
STOP, DROP and ROLL. I shrugged him off and went onto my other 'clients'.

I've been seeing my friends through all their relationships; some crappy and some adorable. From elementary school, through middle school and then here comes high school. I thought once I was India, everything would be different. How wrong was I?! I don't want to get into that right now but some people take things a little too seriously over here.

Long-distance Relationships: Every single long-distance relationship I've seen in my life till this point has ended terribly. It just doesn't work out. My friends always complain about it. Maybe some people can manage it, if so, props to you! 

Eh, well. It's all just a third-person view.

P.S.- Floricide is an actual word. It is the act of killing flowers.

Comma Comma Comma

I know I have a problem, a big one at that. It's not something that I usually talk about but I must face it sooner or later. *breathes in slowly*.
 I'm a comma addict. There, I said it. I use commas (,) in nearly every sentence that I type and it's only getting worse. You can tell  from my previous post. I must put an end to this or there's no hope for me. *sigh* I can do this. I know I can.

This was not meant to be serious folks. I'm not insane.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

'Seen' notifications are such a pain.

To tell the truth, I'm not really a people person. Well, not as much as I used to be. I used to text, chat and talk to people all day. But nowadays, I'm just completely detached from everything. I have at least 30 unread messages on facebook and a whole bunch that I have read but chose to ignore. I know it's not polite but I don't want to talk to people.
I remember how this started out. At some point, I did have a reason for being distant. (Something I'd rather not get into). But as time progressed, I guess I just got used to not talking to anyone. 

Up until high school, I've been the quiet, laid back type of girl. I didn't talk too much but I had enough friends. I'd listen to all that they had to say and in turn I would share things with them. But I was never attached to them. There were instances where two groups of friends would fight but I never chose a side. I chose to maintain a good rep with all of them. I used to be described as quiet. My daily routine would involve: waking up very early, getting ready, eating breakfast, going to school before everyone (even the teachers on some days). I'd walk into my class room, turn all the lights on and just wander through the school. All by myself, I'd walk through the hallways aimlessly. The teacher would come in a while later with sleepy eyes, surprised to see me in so early. I was the nerdy type of girl that paid attention in all the classes and actually liked going to school. It's not like I was getting straight A's or anything but I did get through. *90's in Social tho. Just sayin'* 

Anyway. When I got to high school; I moved to India, I completely changed. I don't know why or how. Suddenly, I was this loud, bubbly, friendly girl who'd talk to everyone. People liked to be around me (at least that's what I thought) and I was always happy. At the same time, I'd grown to be incredibly sensitive. Or maybe I'd always been sensitive but I'd never realized that because I didn't talk to anyone. I was either crying, smiling or jumping around like a bunny. So for most of 9th and 10th, I was this bubbly person. Towards the beginning of 11th I was the same and towards the end, I was more normal. I began to change because of the unspecified reason towards the end of 12th grade. And I guess there's been no turning back since then. I find it hard to talk to people. (anyone other than my best friends). This triggered a whole bunch of nasty comments from people. One of the texts I got from my friend recently after an uninterested remark from my side: 'You could have said it earlier when you first saw the message. Anyways, a lot is understood from action or behavior. Thank you for answering.'
I don't like being rude but I don't know what to do. I'm usually not so unresponsive.
I wish people understood. It's not that I hate you or something. I just need some time to get out of this rut. I'm sorry.
I just responded to one particular message from a friend and I've successfully been able to keep a conversation alive for nearly an hour and I'm very proud of myself. :) Maybe there is still hope for me.


Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

I just finished watching this movie, called Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and it was an amazing movie. It was really thought-provoking and the plot progresses beautifully. It's one of the few movies that had a solid story line and actually makes sense. Jim Carrey has always been an amazing actor and this movie displayed a side of him that I've never seen. There was never a dull moment  throughout it. Other than 'Titanic', I haven't seen Kate Winslet's other movies. Her acting was beautiful once again and her bizzare hair colors really enhanced her personality. The movie reminded me of the book 'Looking for Alaska', by John Green. 
Must watch. :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Music Never Sleeps

As I close my eyes, I expect the usual pitch black darkness but instead I see white lights from the television dancing across my eyelids and for some reason I'm reminded of the city skylights late at night. *Listening to Love Somebody by Maroon 5*.
Adam Levine's voice is so heavenly. If you haven't noticed by now, music takes me to another world. (:
Five seconds ago, I was feeling on top of the world and now I feel like something terrible is about to happen. It's just a feeling. Right?
College- A friendly tip to people for the future. Choose your profession way before if you don't want to face all sorts of problems. Don't let other people decide what you should do. Listen to your parents because they speak from experience. And most importantly, don't regret your mistakes. Learn from them.
I'm still looking for colleges in my city and I haven't really gotten any closer to deciding. 

Ooh. I almost forgot. Today's fourth of july. If you are celebrating, please be safe and have tons of fun. And it's always fun to blow up stuff with firecrackers. 
A couple years back, my brother blew up a shed with a hydrogen bomb .... It looked awesome afterwards. *PLEASE DON'T TRY AT HOME*
Happy Fourth of July!