Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crazy for Coco Puffs?

Today my mother asked me if I was insane. O_O Well, I was talking to myself, so the question is reasonable.
I'm seriously beginning to think so because I just started laughing hysterically when my favorite song came up on my playlist. I'm dancing right now and misspelling nearly every word I type. Thank god for spell check. I think I get more affected by music than other people. I'm not even kidding. I feel like I'm on drugs or something. And I don't even know what being on drugs is like!
I desperately need to start interacting with people before I totally lose it.

Okay, so I have these pair of supra-aural headphones and the left earphone got detached. I lightly fit it back into its slot but with the slightest movement, it falls out again. It's done that 10 times in the last minute and I'm getting terribly impatient.
Haven't got much to say today so toodle-oo!

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