Friday, August 30, 2013


The impossible has happened. I've got glasses. Me, the girl with 20/20 vision has managed to screw up her vision by spending a billion hours at the laptop everyday. I literally asked for it. Now, I look like the "ULTIMATE NERD"; braces, glasses and all (The wrong interpretation of the common nerd anyway).
 I hate myself so much right now, it's not even funny. If I walk through the campus on the first day of college like this, I don't think I'd need a better boy-repellent. Actually, just people-repellent. The only good part is that I can actually see now; obviously. But the headaches have started up and I wish it would all just go away. No glasses, please! I'm fine with being braces girl for the next 6 months but after that I'll be glasses girl? NOOOOO! *cries* This can't happen to me. 
I sound like I'm over exaggerating a lot but I absolutely despise the idea of glasses. Not that people should stay blind or anything. I just don't like 'em on anyone. Especially ME!
Excuse me while I go look like a bug.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Short Story 2

Here's a short story I wrote at 3 in the morning on the 15th.

I was given this picture and told to write something.

I woke in the middle of the night to see a light snowfall outside my window. The thick flakes settled lightly across the front lawn. There was a sort of morbidity to it. The way such beautiful, delicate things disappeared into nothing as they made contact with the grass. I look away for a few moments to glance at my phone- a message. “Happy Anniversary! Love you! XOXO”  Why do we take time out of our lives to celebrate days like these? I can’t bring myself to reply as it would just add onto my long list of lies. What is love,really? Just reading the four-letter word is enough to send a chill down my spine. It’s lost it’s meaning to me over the years. Now it’s just a reminder of how often I’ve been lied to and vice-versa. I put my phone on the night stand before hopping onto the bed. The floorboards creak and I fear that Mother might hear. Ha. I forgot again. Mother isn’t in the room next door anymore. She’s not here. She’s gone. Forever. She disappeared last winter. She didn’t even leave a note, just packed up everything and walked out. I wish she’d at least said goodbye. Or maybe she wouldn’t have been able to leave if she tried. I know I wouldn’t have been able to leave my 15-year old daughter and 18-year old son all by themselves without a word. But who could leave? The acceptance sunk in sooner than I thought it would. I feel nothing towards her now. I don’t hate her for leaving or sympathize her for what she must have been facing. But leaving us here in Lameville Central- also known as Nettatown, that’s something I’ll never forgive her for. These people look at my brother, Liam and I like  we’re vermin. That’s all thanks to my wonderful Mother. They’ll never accept us here. We’re just a couple of orphaned brats in their eyes. A time ticking bomb of responsibility that is bound to explode in one of their hands sooner or later. But I won’t give them that pleasure of handing us over to foster care the next day, feigning ignorance to our ‘terrible situation’. It’s not like Dad’s any better. He’s somewhere in Egypt running after some stupid fossil expedition. I doubt he even remembers our names anymore. He called me Lucy last time we spoke. I literally had to scream over his rant, “My name is Shelby! Don’t you remember your own daughter’s name? You named me after your grandmother for Pete’s sake” But I must give him credit for at least remembering the name of my cat. Oh that’s right, she died two years ago as he was reversing his stupid Volkswagen into the garage. I nearly lost it when he asked me to donate it to his friend, the taxidermist. The phone starts vibrating against the wood. I grab it before the sound wakes Liam. He’d see my face and tell me to talk it out again. Am I the only who lacks any sort of emotion in this house? I peer out into the yard to see a thick layer of snow over everything. It covers every inch of the street. I suddenly feel like getting out of here. I can’t stand these four walls anymore. I grab my red coat and fur boots in the darkness before leaving the house. The note I left on the fridge is reassurance that nothing happened to me. That I didn’t suddenly disappear into the night to never come back. I walk down the icy sidewalk towards the high school. I don’t really know where I want to go. Hopefully, I’ll just keep walking and before I know it, I’ll be out of this godforsaken town. I pull my Ipod out of my pocket. I’d stuffed it in there before church last Sunday. The elderly woman seated in front of us barely noticed me singing along to Thrift Shop as they said they’re prayers. The boy sitting next to me gave me a pointed glare before I’d finished with ‘I look incredible! Amen!’. He would’ve burst into laughter if it hadn’t been for the well-deserved flick I’d delivered to his forehead. I stop in my tracks as I see movement in the trees. Someone’s following me. What do you do in these situations? I’ve never been stalked before. I dig around in my pocket for my phone. Shoot! I left it at the house. He’s coming closer now. God, help me. I turn around and deliver a square punch to his face. He dodges as he grabs my arm. I get ready to scream as loud as possible. I hope someone hears me. ‘Hold on there! Why are you hitting me Shelby?!’, he says with a heavy British accent. ‘Who the hell are you?!’, I exclaim. ‘First, you promise not to hit me!’, he says. 
I can’t help but laugh at his accent. I pull my hand from his grasp before falling into the grass laughing. He stands there with such a bewildered expression on his face with his hands hanging by his side. He looks somewhat like a lost puppy. As I bury my face in my hands to control myself, he plops down next to me. “Why do I always find the weird ones?”, he says. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Slender: The Eight Pages

If you haven't played or heard of this game yet, go on YouTube and watch reactions of people playing. I suggest that you watch PewDiePie.
 Today I was thinking, So what if Dad gave my cousins the PS3! I still want to play video games. Then I got to thinking that I'll try playing PC games again; after many failed attempts. 
I downloaded Slender: The Eight Pages today.
Thing is, I'm a scaredy-cat. I scare from just about anything! My sister's favorite thing to do is to come up onto the terrace while I'm on a call and scare the bejeebies out of me. Leading to me to scream like a crazy person and her to run away laughing. I remember one instance when a friend of mine was sleeping over. My Mom wasn't home at that time so it was just the three of us- my sister, my friend and I. They successfully scared the living daylights out of me that I literally ran out of my house and onto the street. You get the point?

At first I thought that I'd start playing when it got dark out for more 'effect'. Then I settled for now because I'll probably get a heart attack if I play at night. So I started playing and I got scared literally 3 minutes into the game. I freaking turned the sound down and sat there cowering for when Slender Man would appear. After about 20 minutes of dodging around and finding one stupid page, I was looking for the second one. I turned the flashlight around and there he was! SLENDER MAN! I completely froze and freaking started screaming. -_- So that was that. 

I'll probably post an actual video reaction sometime in the near future. Bet you guys will get a laugh out of that. T_T

Finally Got Into College!

So, I finally got admitted into a college. HALLELUJAH! 
To the rest of the poor souls who have yet to go through EAMCET counselling, I'll pray for you. >_<

The guy at the admissions office asked me to take up computer courses for 'C' language and Java as I've never studied them before and they'll obviously be important now that I've chosen IT.
I have about 18 days until college starts so my Mom asked my little sister's tutor to teach me C language. This is kind of awkward because I always make fun of him when he's not looking. Any-who, I had my first class yesterday. Agh.
English is definitely not his strong suit. I tend to get annoyed when people don't speak proper English. 

Tutor: Don't be forget to find out about pro-sea-derr oriented programming languages.
Me: Pro-WHAT?! *pause* Did you mean procedure? 
Tutor: Oh ya. pro-cee-dure.

I don't really have much to say on the topic but, I GOT INTO COLLEGE! :D
I'm excited. (:

Comment from the future:

2016-Feb 22nd

WOW. I was so ungrateful. That tuition sir was a hard worker and though he couldn't speak English very well, he tried his best.

I may feel a tad annoyed when people can't speak proper English but I have no right to judge. Just because I can speak English well doesn't mean everyone else around me can.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why I Hate The Common Cold

Do I really need a reason? We all hate getting sick. You feel like you're slowly rotting to death like an ugly piece of fruit.
The cold is the absolute worst. You sound like you're drowning, you can't hear, smell, or taste anything and there is absolutely nothing that will make the misery go away. But having been sick recently, I realized there are a couple of reasons why having a cold sucks- according to me.

1. Medicine sucks.
Who made up the dumb rule that after the age of 12 they would make all medicine taste disgusting. To be honest, I've always hated every single type of flavored cough syrup out there. I despise it! When the bottle says strawberry, I expect it to taste something like the fruit (obviously). But no, it's a sick, twisted version of it. As I grew older the liquid medicine flavors  only got worse. From bubblegum and grape to death and downright vile. 

2. Sneezing
Ugh. I'm one of those people with really weird, loud sneezes. My sneezes have been described as cartoon-like, animal-like and just plain crazy. In many instances, I have sneezed so hard that I have actually fell. Some people think I'm trying to show off and ask why I don't try to stifle them. 

Like seriously dude? *achooo* 
'Ohh yeah. I'm so cool man. Listen to my freaky little sneeze.' 
Idiots. -_-
And as to the many reasons why I don't stifle my sneezes:
  1. Urban Legend One- Stifling your sneezes may risk brain aneurysms. 
  2. Urban Legend Two- Stifling your sneezes may risk popping your eyeballs.
  3. "Stopping a sneeze in mid-sneeze is dangerous because the energy of the sneeze and fluids associated with the sneeze are attempting to make a rapid exit out of the nostrils. In fact, droplets may travel at a rate of 100 mph (160.92 kph). Quickly closing the nose in an attempt to stifle a sneeze means the fluid can back up into the sinuses and into the ears, particularly the Eustachian tubes, the soft tubes that connect the middle ear to the back of the mouth. This can at minimum increase risk for sinus or ear infections." 

Don't mind the detailed description.
Okay, it's clearly stated that they are urban legends so don't get ahead of yourselves. I'm just saying, with a sneeze as powerful as mine, I don't want to take any risks. [source]

3. Sore Throat
As if the common cold isn't worse enough, it's accompanied by a sore throat. You don't feel like eating or drinking anything and you can't help but clear your throat every five seconds. The sharp shooting pain you experience every time you cough is terrible. 

4. Runny Nose
I'm not going to detail with this. (If you had to ask why, I question your existence). My nose is a red as Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer's. (don't know why I capitalized. And I'm clearly exaggerating) The number of tissues I have gone through in my life for a runny nose would probably be enough to fund a crazed artist's latest 'masterpiece'.
*ahem*: actually pretty cool. But still...

5. Germaphobes
Everyone's afraid of the sick kid who's always sniffling or coughing or sneezing or some combination of the three. You have to cough away from people, and sometimes you just get bored coughing into your elbow or towards the floor. Also, I don't know about you, but my hands get so dry they're about to fall off.

6. It impairs your singing.
Okay. I already suck at singing. Let's not make it worse. I didn't think it was humanly possible to sound worse then I already do when I'm singing. But no, wait for it. It's Christmas, one of your favorite jingles is coming on. Ah, let's sing!

"Rockin' around the Christmas tree 

at the Christmas party hop. 
Mistletoe hung where you can see. 
Ev'ry couple tries to stop."

*pause* I think I hear something dying. It sounds like a beached whale. OH! Wait, it's only me. -_- Face-palm. 

7. Appearance
Let's face it. We look like shit. If you want to rub make-up on your face when you're sick, go ahead. But I don't really see the freaking point. You start rubbing your forehead because of the headache or something and oh, look at that! Your fake eyebrow is escaping! There's always that one person that asks if you're on drugs. Dude, go away or I'm going to sneeze on you. T_T
If you somehow do manage to look amazing whilst you are 'sick', I refuse to believe you are indeed 'sick'.

8. The Smell
I don't know if I'm the only one this happens to. But when I'm sick, I start smelling this really weird odor. (NO, it's not me) I can't really describe the odor but it's somewhat like tomato soup or sambhar (Google it you nincompoop).

9. Snoughs
Not actually a real word. I came up with it in middle school. I used to do this weird combination of sneezing and coughing at the same time. I don't know why weird shit like this happens to me, okay. 
So I got annoyed at people saying, 'Bless you. By the way, was that a sneeze or a cough?' So I'd say, 'Neither. It was a snough.' I haven't snoughed in a while and I really hope they don't start up again. 


P.S.- I have sneezed precisely 22 times while typing this post. Yes, I actually counted.
While looking up the urban legends of stifling a sneeze, I found 'How to Use a Tissue' on wikihow. I kid you not, the last step is, "Put the tissue to your nose and blow". 

Monday, August 19, 2013

To Forget Everything

To forget everything.
Once I had a dream, it was long ago.
Now it's long gone and so are you.

Woke up today knowing who's gone. I wandered through the web looking for something to draw me away. 
To forget everything, that's what she said. Even counting sheep doesn't seem to help.

Eight tracks on 8tracks. 
Second time through, I still haven't forgotten you. 
This life is long, I'm lost in the light.
But the dark side has cookies right?
Put on a smile. I'll breathe it in. Breathe it out. Bye bye to all of the noise.
I'm looking for the great escape. Where's my getaway car?
Don't need to win anyway.
I'll eat all the grey, till it goes away. 
What's the point of counting sheep, if the big bad wolf is going to eat me up anyway?
No thank you. 

On a bad day, I'm looking for the great escape. 

Foot's tapping to the tambourine. 
Zils is such a silly word. 
Jingle jangle, Timmy tango.

My oh my. All we had was me and you.
Me and who?
How can they run with nothing when we barely had something.
All they've got is money. All I've got is love. 
Life's in the palm of your hand. 
Wrapped around your finger is an oddly set vein.
I'll know my name if it's called again.
Walking out of my cave on hands and knees.
We're both hanging upside down. 
I will not hear what they say.
 'Cause I need to know how to live my life as it's meant to be.

Pushed a button in hope of finding something beautiful
But the wires fell through, it all came crashing down. Nothing to sing along.
My oh my. Here we are again. Back on top. Still haven't found the great escape.

Inspired by: To Forget Everything

NOTE: That was not a song. If you've understand any of the above please do tell me, because I have no idea what the hell it is. 
Some bits are from songs and some from my mind. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Someone I Can Depend On

I can depend on one person to call me. Everyday, anytime. I won't even be thinking about you but you'll find the time to give me a call. You must take so much time out of your day to call me so many times. You seriously are the only person I can depend on to call me no matter what. 'Hello, Is this Vishnu?'
You always have excellent manners and manage to ask if I have a second to talk. You're definitely not one of those people to be dodgy around a topic or try to make small talk. You shoot right into the reason you called and won't settle until I give a response. Sometimes, not even then. You are so annoying but I guess you're the only one that calls so frequently. I don't know why you call me "Ma'm" sometimes because we talk so often. Maybe you're just messing with me. Maybe you want it to seem like you actually care what I have to say. You suck.

Screw you Airtel Call Center Dudes and Dudettes!!! -_-
That's right. I was talking about the commercial calls from my cell phone service provider. These douchebags call me every freaking day! I swear, I wake up from their calls, not my alarm clock. (And let me tell you, I have like 6 alarm clock reminders)

Axe Murder? .... Nah.

The digital clock reads 12:00- a Wednesday.
I felt like leaving the house for some reason today. I guess I wanted a minute to myself. It isn't cold tonight, there's barely a breeze. I can here the crickets and cicadas chirping in the garden downstairs.
I'm sitting on the stairs leading up to the terrace. I feel uneasy as my mind starts playing tricks on me. As if there's a masked murder creeping above. I get up to stand over the balcony railing. I look down at my hands. Why the hell did I paint my nails green? ugh. Mosquitoes keep biting me; another reason I despise the monsoon season.

 The sky looks so beautiful. I wish the clouds would clear out. Star gazing is fun. I hear sounds from next door. Either the bald dude that lives there is home or it's a burglar.
Nope, it's baldy.

P.S.- Sorry for the mini rant.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Random Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I can only wink with my right eye.

2. I'm a terrible dancer.

3. I'm a terrible singer.

4. I have a small scar on the outer part of my eye; just next to the bottom lid.

5. I fell off of my couch and fractured my ankle.

6. I fractured both my ankles two years consecutively. (First the right, then the left)

7.  My first phone was a gift from an Auntie. My sister broke the screen with a hairbrush a couple months afterwards. (It was an accident)

8. I didn't know who Beyonce was until I had to a music project about her in the 6th grade.

9. I was completely disinterested in music until I was 13.

10. The first YouTube video I ever saw was a cover of the 'Numa Numa' song by some guy.

11. The first anime I ever watched (putting aside the one's that were on television) was Naruto. 

12. The name Vishnu was added onto my name only after my sister was born. 

13. As a kid, I figured the L on the Ash Ketchum's League Expo hat had a secret meaning. Like the Illuminati.

14. I didn't understand the Harry Potter movies until about 3 years ago.

15. I have this theory that I'm the only one in my city who doesn't like Biryani. 

16. I have never been on an actual roller coaster. (Does that ship ride actually count as a roller coaster? The one that swings back and forth really fast)

17. I have never been to Disneyland or Six Flags.

18. I have visited New York a bunch of times but never went to the Empire State Building.

19. I used to ride my bicycle in this field a couple of blocks away from my house in Pennsylvania. It was a restricted area and I definitely shouldn't have been there. I used to see this 20-something year old guy do awesome bike stunts. One day, some guy saw me and started yelling that I shouldn't be there. I got the hell out of there. Never went back. The old guy that yelled at me was kind of scary.

20. When I was 9 I wanted to be a librarian. When I was 10, one of my friends found a hundred-dollar bill in the library. I made up my mind that libraries always have money hidden away. Like treasure. So I decided I'd become a librarian and search for cash in libraries.

21. I was lactose-intolerant until I was 6.

22. When I was in the sixth grade, I came up with a scheme to get goodies. We used to get paper money from the teachers as rewards- for getting questions right, being quiet, not forgetting homework, doing well on tests, etc. At the end of each month, we could gather up the paper cash and trade it for goodies that the teacher kept in her cabinet.
I made my dad buy me a couple of bags of Jolly Ranchers and started offering my classmates the candy in turn for the paper money. I ended up making a lot. Before I could spend it, the teacher found out what I was doing. I got in trouble. 

23. I'm possibly the only one who doesn't get why Breaking Bad is so popular. But Pinkman is awesome.

24. Some of the many reasons I don't like makeup: 

  • I believe in natural beauty.
  • I don't know anything about makeup.
  • I can't apply makeup for my life. Like seriously. Lip gloss is all I can do.
  • I don't understand the point of it. Other than looking 'pretty'
25. I've never done drugs. Never going to either.

26. I haven't bought sneakers in over 4 years.

27. I do believe in magic, miracles and destiny.

28. My little sister is taller than me.

29. I used to play the flute, bells, keyboard.

30. I'm scared of the dark.

31. When I was 9, my Dad left me in the car to go grab something from the house. He told me not to touch anything. I shifted the gears in the car and it went and hit a cement block in front. I somehow managed to put the handbrake down and acted like nothing happened. He doesn't know about it till date.

32. Until the age of 11, I would enter and exit the car through the windows. That is, whenever my parents weren't watching.

33. When I was in 8th grade, this boy called Mike decided to tease me by telling me that he liked me. He would just pop up out of nowhere during free periods in homeroom and say stuff like, 'Vishnu, you're so pretty. I really like you' and started dancing around the class. One time, he came up from behind me and started sniffing my hair (joke) and said, 'You smell so nice'. I freaked out and literally jumped 4 feet into air and bolted across the room. When I told the teacher who was sitting barely a couple of meters away, she doesn't even think it's a big deal. I didn't know how to approach the situation so I freaked every time he came near me. Now that I think about it, my reactions were pretty damn funny. Mike is a cool kid. :)

34. In the 8th grade, my dad would make me finish maths lessons at home before the teacher even started them at school so I knew everything beforehand. That's why I didn't pay much attention in math class. We would be handed worksheets in the beginning of the class before she started the lesson and expected to have it filled out in the last couple of minutes or for homework. I'd spend the first couple of minutes finishing the worksheet and sitting idly in class. The guy and girl sitting on either side of me noticed that I'd been doing this. One day, the guy asked me to explain something because he couldn't understand what the teacher was saying. I explained it to the guy and girl easily and they totally understood it. The guy then proceeds to openly diss the teacher saying, "We couldn't understand anything you were saying. Vishnu explains it better." It was awkward. 

35. I was seven years old when I went through my first car wash.

36. I have braces.

37. I dislike people who harshly insult their family.

38. During one of my first Lacrosse games, it started drizzling- leading the grass to get all muddy and slippery. After a sudden clash with another player from the other team, I ended up on my back in the grass with her tripping over my face with her cleats. Thank god for head gear.  

39. When I was younger, I would act like I knew how to swim to please my mother during the long hours at the pool. Hoping that way, she'd let me stay in longer to practice strokes.

40. On several occasions when I've lived in U.S.A, I've put the stopper in the bathtub, left the water running and forgot. Leading the whole tub to fill up then the bathroom to be flooded and often the water would leak into the hallway and most of the house on that floor. It takes a lot more than a blow dryer for all that water to evaporate. -_-

41. From elementary school, through middle school, I was scared to be alone during the time that my mom dropped me off from school to go pick up my sister. As soon as the door shut, I would run to hide under some table or near a couch and would only jump back onto the couch as if I hadn't moved when I heard the locks on the door clicking open.


I've been bullied all my life. Here's one instance.

When I was in the third grade, I was bullied very frequently. My classmates would say mean things about my race, ethnicity, culture, food, etc.
They would almost treat me like a slave. Insults delivered to my face. Giggles as I turn away. Avoiding me in any way possible. 
One time I was eating some sort of rice dish and a bunch of people came out of nowhere saying 'Ew. Vishnu is eating pupa', 'Yuck, Vishnu. You're eating butterfly poop', 'That's disgusting, Vishnu. How can you eat that stuff?'
I can still remember breaking down completely at the lunch table. I couldn't even finish my lunch. I cried a great deal that day. 
Another instance was when I brought some type of Indian tomato soup eaten with rice. A classmate nudged me and my entire lunch fell to the floor. I don't remember whether or not it was on purpose but I can never forget the helpless feeling I had in that moment. No one even bothered to ask if I had anything left to eat. Luckily, my Principal happened to be in the cafeteria that day and she told my classmates to give me snacks from their lunches. 
I remember the pack of blonde and brunette girls in short-shorts and cheap lip gloss strutting down the hallways like they were models. The worst time to face them was in the restrooms. I would enter to see them bunched up against the far corner of the room. As I walk in, I'd hear them laughing like hyenas. Just a smile from my side would start up a series of hushed whispers within their circle. Even an attempt at trying to mingle would cause their faces to curve into nasty snarls and pointed insults to match. Getting out fast was the only way to escape their harsh stares and cruel words. 

"You don't even know we're talking about Vishnu! Don't act like you know everything. Oh and don't eavesdrop on us, it's annoying!" 

I still remember the 'Queen Bee' of the clique. A tall girl with shortly cropped blonde hair. She'd always be seen with a shiny, silver necklace around her neck shaped in the form of her name, 'Andrea'. She was known for being popular. 'The pretty blonde'.
 I fail to understand why girls like this rule the hallways of elementary schools. 

There have been many upsetting experiences that I've been put through in my life during acts of bullying. Most of which my brain has managed to block out. I remembered the above instances today. 

Bullying is terrible. I don't know what else to say on this matter. Just put yourself in the other person's shoes before you decide to mentally or physically tease them. It's not all that fun, is it? 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When Is Someday?

I don't like waiting. At all. Right now I'm sitting in front of my friend's house waiting for her to get home. I've been sitting here for 45 minutes and I'm so bored. And pissed. Very bored and very pissed. 
Thing is, she's leaving for college tomorrow and I have no idea when I'll see her again. She'll be moving two states away. It all happened quickly, I guess. I definitely didn't see it coming. But at the same time, I'm not surprised. The only thing that I can't process is that she won't be a mere 10 km from my house anymore. She's going to be 976 kilometers away. Yes, I know that all thanks to Google maps. -_- 

Why do people have to leave? 
Why can't they stay? 
Why do we we have to say goodbye to so many people? It's crazy not knowing if you'll ever see them again even as you say, "We will meet someday, right!"
But will we? We don't always know the road we go down. I hope our paths cross again. 

                                        So shout-out here...
 Lahari, I'll miss you like crazy, you jerk. Have in M.P. Love you. ^_^

Waiting for someday. 

UPDATE: Sometime in august:
The idiot ended up coming back! :) She'll be studying in the same city as me! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Goodbyes Suck

How about you just leave already? Huh? Maybe then I'll move on with my life.
Some of the most important people in my life are moving away for college. I'm not good at geography so I haven't realized precisely how far everyone's going until about 3 minutes ago. I've never been so attached to my friends before so this is all very new to me.
I hate you all. (Not really, but I'll miss you guys more than you'll ever know.) These people aren't just friends, I guess, they're more than that. They're like family.

Up until now, I guess I'm the one that's left to someplace new. Now, everyone else is leaving.

Okay I'm not the type of person to keep in touch. Once I move away from somewhere, I just move on. I forget people. Maybe I'll like your Facebook posts every once in a while, wish you Happy Birthday and say 'Hey! I miss you!' occasionally, but I truly don't make much effort.  But I don't want to do that with the friends I have now.

It's as if my life has completely froze and all theirs have gone into super-fast road runner mode. You guys were by my side and now you're just a blur. I don't mean to sound jealous. Absolutely not.

I'm extremely happy for them but I'll miss them terribly.

I hope they'll visit. I hope we remember each other. I hope we keep in touch. I hope they won't forget my birthday, and I theirs. I hope you guys don't forget all the shit we've done (mostly that I've done). I hope you don't forget all the memories. I hope we don't forget what the other looks like. I hope at the end of all of this we'll come together again and hang out like best buds.

Even if we go from best friends to friends... God, please don't ever let us call the other a stranger. I can only hope for the best.

Dear Google Maps, 
I hate you. 

Love, Vishnu.