Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finally Got Into College!

So, I finally got admitted into a college. HALLELUJAH! 
To the rest of the poor souls who have yet to go through EAMCET counselling, I'll pray for you. >_<

The guy at the admissions office asked me to take up computer courses for 'C' language and Java as I've never studied them before and they'll obviously be important now that I've chosen IT.
I have about 18 days until college starts so my Mom asked my little sister's tutor to teach me C language. This is kind of awkward because I always make fun of him when he's not looking. Any-who, I had my first class yesterday. Agh.
English is definitely not his strong suit. I tend to get annoyed when people don't speak proper English. 

Tutor: Don't be forget to find out about pro-sea-derr oriented programming languages.
Me: Pro-WHAT?! *pause* Did you mean procedure? 
Tutor: Oh ya. pro-cee-dure.

I don't really have much to say on the topic but, I GOT INTO COLLEGE! :D
I'm excited. (:

Comment from the future:

2016-Feb 22nd

WOW. I was so ungrateful. That tuition sir was a hard worker and though he couldn't speak English very well, he tried his best.

I may feel a tad annoyed when people can't speak proper English but I have no right to judge. Just because I can speak English well doesn't mean everyone else around me can.

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