Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Someone I Can Depend On

I can depend on one person to call me. Everyday, anytime. I won't even be thinking about you but you'll find the time to give me a call. You must take so much time out of your day to call me so many times. You seriously are the only person I can depend on to call me no matter what. 'Hello, Is this Vishnu?'
You always have excellent manners and manage to ask if I have a second to talk. You're definitely not one of those people to be dodgy around a topic or try to make small talk. You shoot right into the reason you called and won't settle until I give a response. Sometimes, not even then. You are so annoying but I guess you're the only one that calls so frequently. I don't know why you call me "Ma'm" sometimes because we talk so often. Maybe you're just messing with me. Maybe you want it to seem like you actually care what I have to say. You suck.

Screw you Airtel Call Center Dudes and Dudettes!!! -_-
That's right. I was talking about the commercial calls from my cell phone service provider. These douchebags call me every freaking day! I swear, I wake up from their calls, not my alarm clock. (And let me tell you, I have like 6 alarm clock reminders)

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