Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pretty Vain.

I don't really know what do when people call me pretty. I'm like, what? It takes a while for me to make sure they are talking to me. I don't consider myself pretty. Not in the least bit. Sure, my selfies say a completely different story about how "self-obsessed" I may be, but i truly don't even  find myself the very least appealing. When people compliment me on the internet, especially strangers, I find it even more hard to believe. I mean the people I know and am familiar would compliment me out of modesty at the most but having a total stranger say nice things to you is surprising. The other day, this girl said something to me after seeing one of my pictures. It was, "If that's you, you're really pretty! :)". I almost felt like asking if she's got the wrong person. 
This isn't one of those posts about how "society's version of beauty is so wrong" or blah. 
I just. Can't. Process it. Like.Why on earth would you go out of your way to compliment a total stranger's picture on the internet. Sure everyone does it. But when it comes to thinking about just me, it's kind of hard to understand. Like WHYYY?
This is one of the many things that I can't understand in my life. Agh. If anyone has a good enough explanation, comment something. Or if you feel like I'm being a total dipshit and over-thinking this, then still tell me. 

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