Friday, November 15, 2013

Indian Palm Squirrel

Today I went to went to the temple with my Mom. She was inside giving the prasadam to the priest while I was waiting outside. I had a few minutes to myself without much to think about. I sat on my two-wheeler and took to my surroundings. The leaves atop the trees brushed against each other creating a sweet cacophony. A beggar was basking in the sun, lost in the land of slumber just a few meters away. If she'd been awake she would have been clamoring around the expanse for spare change. Four podgy palm squirrels ran up the tree trunks with their furry little tails bobbing about. Did you know that Indian palm squirrels only have three stripes running down their back? These little creatures steer clear of people but for some reason became very fond of my scooter. I promised them a couple of nuts for the next time I found myself there.
A bright sunny day but a cool enough breeze to give you goosebumps, those are my favorite kind of days. Why is it so hard to find like-minded people? Why are some people so arduous? Why can't I freeze time where it stands and spend forever sitting upon my scooter listening to ceaseless chanting of the lord's prayer?I'd love to, I would. But I've got to be heading home now.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Okay so a while back I was at Comic Con. It was absolutely AH-mazing and I got to go with one of my best friends. We bought a bunch of comics and a couple of t-shirts. So I was feeling pretty hyperactive that day and I actually printed a couple of little note-like things that read,
                                    "Hey Stranger!

     You have a nice smile! 

                Have a great day! :)"

I'm not usually one to do impulsive things. .... Ok I lied. I always do incredibly impulsive things. So there was this guy in a black t-shirt standing in front of us. We were getting pictures with a giant cartoon character and he was trying to take a picture with him. He was about 5 foot 10, I think. Usually, I find good-looking guys have an attitude to match but there was something about the way he smiled. Just so innocent and kind. He was smiling at his phone and then he suddenly looked up and he was still smiling and I was standing there. I smiled back and just went on to get pictures too. I don't think I'm one to get noticed in a crowd but for some reason he kept smiling. After my friend and I took pictures we were walking away. I had the note things in my hand and I was tossing the idea in my mind. Was this a good idea? I asked my friend and she said, 'Woah. You seriously want to do this? I think you should, it would be cool'.
So I started walking back trying to convince myself it was fine. He was facing away from me speaking with his friends.
I tapped him on the shoulder. He turns and there's that brilliant smile of his. I hand him the paper and smile. "Bye!" I end up running away and from behind me I hear "Wow. Thank you sooo much!" I could just tell from his expression, I'd made his day. I was really happy. By now his friends were dying to know what had just happened. This was my limit, I was kind of flabbergasted and my entire body was shaking. Did I just do that?! Okay, escape plan. This is too weird. As I ran for cover I turned to see him telling his friends what I gave him. 
After some time, my friend and I were getting pictures taken with another character. As I was taking a picture for my friend, I see that black tee guy is standing right behind her. For a second he thought I was taking a picture of him. "Shit. I thought she was taking a picture of me".
He had his phone in his hand. He was speaking to his friends, "I'm going to ask for her  number man". 
So what do I do? Run for the hills of course. Too much stranger interaction for one day. I was at my limit! 

No, I didn't end up seeing him again and I still don't know who he is. I know this might seem like I was crushing on a stranger BUT I was not. This boy was muuuch younger than me. 

P.S.- I wasn't hitting on him. I just wanted to make a stranger smile. :)


Saturday, November 9, 2013

9 Tips To Surviving College

Note: Some of the things I say may only be applicable to where I live or maybe just maybe my college. This is just my perspective.

1. Don't be afraid at the first day of college.

Most of the people you'll be meeting are in the same boat as you so there's not much to worry about. They probably feel exactly like you do. 
Out here our seniors tend to "rag" us. This is basically like bullying all the freshmen. It sounds pretty messed up to hear but it's not actually that bad. They give us a bunch of 'tasks' to do to entertain them; nothing insane. In my case, I've had a lot of fun being ragged. I've made plenty of friends and found out that my seniors are pretty cool and some are nicer than the freshmen. So if stuff like that happens to you just try to take it sportively. Unless they go too far that is. 

2.Be Confident

This is your chance to start new. Forget about what happened in high school! Now you can make your mark. Whether it's to stick to the books or stand out in a crowd or both! Go out your way to join your favorite club and hang out with the popular crowd for a while. Maybe the quiet ones? Does it really matter? This is college! Show just awesome you are. :)

3. Make Friends

This is kind of obvious but whoever you're placed with in your course will be there for the next 3 to 4 years and truth be told when you're cramming for exams or completely lost in an assignment, their help will be much appreciated and maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have someone to eat lunch with occasionally. Making friends on campus boosts your self-esteem. If you meet someone you don't see yourself getting along with then forget it. But maintaining good relations with people will be beneficial later on. 

4. Be studious
Knowledge is power, we all know that phrase and it's the truth. You'll go a long way by knowing things. Once you get your education in line you can focus on literally anything else you want to do in the time you'll be spending in college. Take my instance, I'll be studying Information Technology and right now sticking my head in the books seems like the best plan.

5.  Be nice to your Professors, Be attentive and Dress appropriately

 Be sure to make a good first impression on the professors because no matter how many times they say they don't have favorites, it's still a lie. Don't be a kiss-ass but just try not to get in trouble. Listen to the classes and try to answer them when they ask questions. Teachers hate the phrase "I don't know". Just don't say it.  Make an educated guess if you have no idea what they're saying. Also be attentive. They usually tell you the questions that are going to pop up in your next midterms. Try to dress appropriately. This is an institution where we learn, it's not a rave. Put on your super mini shorts after college.

6. Go to Class:

Ultimately, you're in college to learn and get your degree. Be regular to class and get good attendance. If your college is anything like mine, we have marks for attendance so I'm screwed if I don't go. Take good notes because it makes the process of remembering things easier. 
7. Skip a class at least once a semester:

This sounds stupid right after I said go to class but you need some way to balance it all out. I suggest to do this rarely because excessive absences are going to give you a hard time with the professors and the rents.
And if you do skip, make sure that one of your friends is in class to take notes for you. 

8. Restrooms

Find the block with the least yuckiest restrooms. This is pretty damn important! If you don't like waiting in line to the bathroom or you don't feel like puking once you get into a stall, try to find the nicest ones.

9. Money

There always be that one day that you feel like eating in the cafeteria for once instead of Mom's packed lunch. Or you feel like drinking coffee or eating ice cream. But that's not happening if you don't have any cash. Always keep some money in your bag for an emergency hogging session with your friends.
It'll also be handy to buy stationary.