Friday, January 17, 2014


Today I got a free cookie 'cause the lady at the grocery store thought I was crippled.
And it begins.


Sometime around March last year I got in an accident which involved a car, my scootie and me flying through the air. The accident didn't end well for me or my ride.
Well on Sunday I was driving my Mom to the temple and was taking a u-turn at one point. The road was terrible and my scooter skid on the dirt. I didn't have to enough time to recover and balance the weight so we fell down. My Mom somehow made it out without a single scratch but I however, did not. The scooter fell onto my right ankle and I couldn't move it. Pain, ooh, aah, yada yada.
So after two injections and a wheel chair ride through frighteningly blue corridors, I was on my way back home with a soft tissue injury in my foot. I was ecstatic about the fact it wasn't a fracture again. 
Now I'm at home. Bed rest by doctor's instructions. *sigh* I have exams starting day after and technically, they don't end until the end of February. Yay and stuff. -_- 

So kids, drive safe. Don't do stupid shit. Stay in school and don't do drugs!



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Short Story 4

Do you know anything about death? I don't understand it. Why do we need to die? Why do we need to live? I sat by her bedside and prayed to God for the millionth time. To let her remain in her mortal shell, right beside me, for an eternity. She promised me forever and she promised me more. How could you Molly? Don't do this to me. I grabbed her frail hand and clasped it. I'll never let go, I'll never let go of you!
A small sound escaped from somewhere deep inside her and I jumped to my feet. Molly? Can you hear me? Please, say something! She managed to open her eyes and give me a faint smile. It hurt to see her like this. "You have to let go. You will if you love me. I have to leave now. I love you." 
"Don't say stupid things like that! You're going to be fine. Please just hang in there, I'll get the doctor, everything's going to be fine." I gave her hand one final squeeze before running into the lobby.
"Dr. Fremal! Dr. Fremal! Please someone get the doctor!" Even as I ran about in utter desperation, the words played on repeat in my head. The same seven words echoing in my skull. 
As the machine plugged onto her started sounding for the final time and the doctors ran into her room, I collapsed onto the floor mumbling the seven words fully aware of the Tiffany's box still in my coat pocket. "It was time for her to die".

Mission:  Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a memory about this sentence. Write something about this sentence.

 It was time for her to die.


There's something inside my chest.
I've known for a while.
I feel like it's slowly devouring me.
Eating away at every thought, every memory, every feeling.
Replay. Replay. Replay. Replay.
When does it stop?!
I don't want to see it.
I don't need to see it.

Someone wake me up,
from this never-ending nightmare.
How is this going to end?
How do I surrender?
No. I won't.
I'll go down fighting.

I feel it in my bones, a supernova.
The sun seems like a joke.
Darkness envelops me again.
The flame's out.
It's been out for an eternity.

Wait till I get my hands on a lighter.
I'll set everything on fire.
I'll go down a fighter.

There's something inside me that I need to kill.

*I don't remember what song inspired this.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Leaving letters on doorsteps and tears in my eyes.
What gives you the right?
The walls were built of paper
that disappeared at night.

I thought I could tell them,
about how hard it was to let go
of something I never had.
Someone I never knew.

What was running through your mind?
It replays in my head even though I
didn't see it.
Even though I never have,
even though I never will.

I should be glad that I didn't know you
but I can't help but wish I did.
I heard you were a nice guy,
I bet you were. 

I was fine until the wind blew everything out
but I let it all go,
just like you did.
How are you brave?
A fleeting moment, a broken house.
What are we going to do now?
How were you so brave?*

Towards the end of last month, one of my seniors took his life.
 He was in a coma a year back and hadn't been the same since he'd recovered. In the place he was in, mentally, God knows what was going through his mind. 
It was on a Sunday.
It's not my place to disclose any more about him.
But it has affected me more than I expected.
I never knew him, never met him. But I couldn't stop crying. Death has never been easy for me, it never will be either. 
I hope he's in a better place and looking down on his family if he believed in that sort of thing.

I don't know what's proper and what isn't when it's about death. I don't if I should be speaking about you, I don't know if your sister would like it. But she sure does miss you.

RIP Pruthveer. 

Friday, January 10, 2014


 And she tucked herself away in a corner,
expecting no one to notice.
But truth be told, people always notice
when you don't want them to.
They've never noticed the tears in her eyes
as long as she had a smile plastered on.
But some days the sadness spread to the rest
of her face and they began to flood her with 
questions they didn't bother asking before.

She's all alone in a crowd,
she can't show you what it feels like.
And she knows better now.
She knows not to trust you now.

She knows she doesn't owe you anything.
She's still finding herself. 

Wake me up when it's all over. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hello. :)

This will be first post of the new year since I started my blog so it's probably going to be long. I apologize beforehand for all the boring shit.

I started last year off pretty badly. As the clock struck 12:00, I was lying under my blanket crying my eyes out. Everything was coming to an end and nothing felt right. It was the towards the end of my senior year of high school. I started off school with so many friends and ended up with about 4-5 people that I could actually call friends. That's what high school is all about right? We had our farewell/graduation in February and that was damn messed up but we made the best of it. I had finals in March and ended up in a car accident on the 17th. I thought I'd died but I made it. :) Somehow I'd finished my exams and managed to graduate. Yay! Then came college applications. The worst ever, destroyed my vacation. After about a month of vigorous coaching for entrance exams at a stupid institute (which was very unfruitful), I'd got my results for the finals. They were absolutely terrible and I was doubtful about getting into college. By God's grace I got an admission into an engineering college. I finally joined college and it's been a crazy roller coaster ride since.

2013 was just another year. I'm not going to sit down and write story tales about it now. I'm just looking forward to the new year!

Happy New Year! :)