Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Music To My Ears

Lips still, eyes lazily looking about, eager for something interesting to gaze upon, hands curiously fidgeting about. Her fingers search for something inside the purple bag sitting on her lap. I lean sideways to try to make out what it is. It was a pair of white earphones. She plugs them into her bright red phone and fiddles with the wires before setting it back down.

You see me for what you want me to be, simple and inconspicuous; silent and unnerving.  But you’ve barely grazed the surface. As the music booms into my ears, tiny sparks set off inside me. My mind creaks and slowly wakes like a lazy old dragon.  I’m transported to another world, my own, where I can be whoever I want to be, wherever I choose to be.  You sneak looks to see the slightest of what appears to be a smile but it’s gone in the next moment, no trace of joy. My eyes appear dull but the sights that I see behind them would envelop yours in fire.  I feel alive, I feel unstoppable. I’m a phoenix that bursts into flames from fear of the ordinary but I live and die a thousand deaths yearning for a miracle. For something, for anything!