Thursday, February 12, 2015

Results Time

1. When someone tells you "Results are today" NO they are not. You have no way of guaranteeing that, so shush.


2. You unintentionally eavesdrop into conversations when you hear the word 'results' or 'backlogs'. But it's kind of awkward because you ARE eavesdropping.


3. You keep refreshing the website every five seconds even though you know it just won't happen. Your friends keep telling you to leave it but you're certain it'll come up any second.


4. You keep asking people what the cut off is. 

5. They will never upload it when we expect them to. They'll just appear out of nowhere and everyone will freak out. 

                   17 Things Everyone Waiting For Exam Results Will Understand

 6. When the server crashes with too many people using the website.


 7. When you're friend clears all his/her subjects but you flunked. But you still have to be happy for them.


8. When your friend flunks but you did well and you feel bad for them but also happy for yourself.


9. When that one friend who swore that they'd get a backlog actually clears all the subjects.


10. When someone gets one of the highest scores in class but is still complaining and whining.


11. Trying to act like you haven't seen your scores.


12. Juniors who have no idea what's going on and why the seniors are furiously looking for phones with fast internet.


13. Dreading the next couple of days because everyone wants to know everyone else's marks. (Even the people you've never spoke to before.)

14. Seeing the teacher responsible for your low grades.


15. Seeing the really mean teacher responsible for passing you.


15. Trying to accept your fate. 


                                               "Ahh. Light. Until next time."