Sunday, May 15, 2016

Futile Compliments

Compliments are great. I love complimenting people and receiving them as well. I love watching the smile I get to bring to their faces. But sometimes, people have very.. different intentions.
I'm not exactly talking about flirting.

A while back, this one boy kept trying to become friends with me. He would always text me and drop a couple of compliments here and there.
I usually have a terrible time remembering things but something he said has still stuck with me.
He said, 'If I would have spoken to someone in this manner, they would have been flattered long back'.

I've told this boy multiple times that I wasn't interested. But he has trouble understanding that. I'm not sure why.

It amazes me that even after watching so many things go wrong in the world, people my age have trouble understanding the meaning of no.
It doesn't matter if you're asking a girl out or asking for her number.
You know what?
It doesn't matter WHO it is. Boy or girl.
When someone tells you no, they mean no!

I'm not playing hard to get. I'm not playing games. No always means one thing. NO!

Also another thing.
If you want to be someone's friend, just let it happen. Talk to them about things you have in common. Approach them if they seem like they want to be approached.

When someone is pushing you away, don't assault them. With words or actions.

Flattery will get you absolutely nowhere with me if you don't have good intentions.

You can try to appeal to my vanity but the results will be different from what you expect.