Monday, June 27, 2016

The Final Lap

Hello Everyone!

I was just about to go to sleep but decided at the last moment to blog a little, first.
So tomorrow's a big day. It's the first day of my senior year in college. Exactly one year from now, I'll be done with my undergrad course.

It's crazy how fast I'm growing up. I desperately want to hit the pause button but also want to see what life has in store for me.
It's exciting and terrifying.

I went for my passport re-issue appointment today. It was the first time I'd been by myself to do something that important. I think I handled it pretty well. :)

Then on the way back home, my Mom took me to my old high school to ask about some certificates. It has been almost 2 years since I've been in that area. The school feels like a new place to me. I met lots of my old teachers and juniors.

These little tiny kids that used to run after me calling me didi/sister/akka, are now taller than me. It was very surprising so these boys (and some girls) towering towering over me.

Some girls were walking past, saying, 'Hey! That's the old blue house captain'. It felt really great that these kids remembered me.

I just realized that I was at my high school today and tomorrow I'll be starting my final year of B.Tech.
Life is crazy.

Well, tomorrow's going to be a long day, since I have a lab bright and early. So I'll catch some shut eye now.

Hope you are all doing well.
Good night!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Agent Carter: Best of Season 1&2

This was originally going to be a gif set of some of my favorite Agent Carter moments from seasons 1 and 2. But as luck would have it, I've just found out that the show was cancelled in May.
This is shocking. I have seen worse shows renewed but I really didn't expect this would be cancelled.
So this just an ode to Agent Carter. It's in no specific order.

Dottie was wonderful!

Anna's reaction to this was perfect.  

Haha. Loved this part.

 That fedora!

Howard Stark is one of my faves.




Wish they'd shown more of her past.


Don't we all?




Hayley Atwell hinted at a possible comeback, someday. But I don't have high hopes at this point. Hope they renew this show some today. It's one of my favorites right now. I mean, I watched some episodes of Season 2 with my Grandmother and even she loved it.

MARVEL Binge: Part 2


Here's the MARVEL Binge Part Two. Since my first post, I've finished both seasons of Agent Carter, an Agent Carter one shot and Iron Man (2008).

So, there has been a change of plans. I was originally going to follow the CNET MCU Viewing Guide. But I realized they didn't include all the releases because it's a pretty old list. So I'm following a new one. It's the latest I could find.


Agent Carter (Season 1 and 2)

 This is my second go at Season 1. The first time around, I watched around 7 of the 8 episodes.
Season 1 of Agent Carter was amazing. It had the perfect amount of drama and action. I love Peggy Carter, she is a great role model. Even for the 21st century, she's badass. Jarvis is one of my favorites!
Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter- I didn't know this existed until I found my new viewing guide on comicvine. So this is placed a little differently than the suggested order. ( Though, you can do without ever watching this because it's not canon. It deviates from the show's storyline.)

Season 2 wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I was having a fit seeing Carter struggle with deciding between Dr. Wilkes and Agent Sousa.
Luckily, my OTP is canon now! I was so happy.

It was nice to see Michael Chad Murray back on T.V. He was great in One Tree Hill back in the day. Even though he really got on my nerves, I feel bad for him. He redeemed himself towards the end of season 2 but the finale didn't look so good for him.

Iron Man (2008)

Again, it's been way too long since I've watched the entire movie. I noticed so many things I missed the first time around. Seeing Agent Coulson is always great. I love Pepper Potts.
Tony Stark is as lovable as always. That dry sense of humor always gets me.
It was nice to go from watching Agent Carter to Iron Man. I like that I've got to know Howard Stark before Tony now.

I'm devastated that Jarvis' voice isn't the same one as the one in Agent Carter. But it was to be expected.
The movie was as great as I remember.

The list:
1. Agent Carter Season 1
2. Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter 
3. Agent Carter Season 2
4. Iron Man (2008)

Psyched to continue this MCU binge!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The MARVEL Viewing Guide: Part 1


It's been awfully long. I hope you are all doing well. I haven't been up to much in my life. Just finished my Junior year of college last month. I'm really nervous about starting my senior year.
Well, let's not go on about this. I'll get down to  business.

MARVEL. This cinematic universe is taking off. So many people are a part of this fandom now. It's really great to see so many new movies and TV shows coming out.
A while back, I came across this 'MARVEL Viewing Guide'. It details the preferred order in which the movies and TV shows should be watched.
I've been putting off seeing so many of the releases because I'm a bit of control freak when it comes to things like this. I absolutely must watch it in the order it's meant to be watched!

Without further ado!
Today, I set up about conquering this guide from the very beginning. So here I am, several hours later.

1. Captain America: The First Avenger

Oh, I remember the very first time I watched this in 2011. It was a CAM video and it was absolutely horrible quality. But I really wanted to watch this movie. I loved it!
Five years later, here I am. Still loved the movie, laughed at all the same jokes, appreciated all the easter eggs and noticed so many details I missed the first time.
Cap' was great. Agent Carter! ;)

One of my favorite scenes. (Limiting myself to only one because, otherwise, I would flood this post with pictures): 
Okay, I can't help myself! Here's another one.

2. Agent Carter

I actually started watching this show soon after it started in 2015. I didn't know it existed for the first couple of months it aired. It somehow passed under my radar. One day, I caught sight of Carter sporting her signature red fedora and aiming a gun at someone, looking badass (Yes, the poster you see to the left is the one I'm talking of).
I rushed to watch the trailer and I was intrigued. I watched a couple of episodes but then life took a hold of me and I forgot about it.
Today, I started Agent Carter again. I've just watched Season 1 Episode 1 and it was great. I still remember most of the story-line. It's nice to have an immediate continuation from
The First Avenger so the story is still fresh in my mind.

One of my favorite scenes. (Must. post. only. one.)

So that's all for today. It is indeed a school  college night.

I really don't like the title of this post. It's way too long. I'll probably be naming all future posts
related to this as something much simpler and shorter.
Perhaps, MARVEL Binge: Part n

If any of you are interested in the Viewing Guide, here it is (click to enlarge):

Surprise! A little something else.