Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Last Day

It's been pretty long since I've written anything on here. But I can't postpone writing this post because it's not every day you have your last day of college. YES. You read right. I had my very last day of engineering today. The day that I've been waiting for since I was a freshman.

Firsts and Lasts are pretty important moments in our lives. The first day of college, the first exam,  the first seminar, the first bunk (Totally kidding. Way too many to remember which one was the first) and the first job interview. And the last class, the last exam, the last time eating in the canteen, the last time running after professors,  and the last day of college.

I don't have anything too sentimental to say right now. Let's be honest. College wasn't amazing. Lots of things made me count down the days until I could leave the place. But that's not really important, is it? All that matters is how you choose to finish it. And let me tell you, we went out with a bang!
The day started off with the project Viva and it went as every viva has gone before. All of us waiting for the first groups to give us the report on the external examiner and classify him as either devil incarnate or 'phew liteee'. Getting the signatures on our custom-made t-shirts was, as expected, a never-ending process. My favorite moments where when someone would hand their t-shirt to someone to sign and they would ask their friends what on earth to write. That low-key panic was hilarious.
I wasn't 'flat out BFFs' with anyone but I'm glad it ended on good terms with everyone.

The memories we made today are the moments we'll remember decades from now. Thank you for being altogether tolerable classmates. I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to know some of you. But just because college is over doesn't mean we have to forget everyone. Keep in touch. Even if you feel like you didn't know me that well! I'd love to know what you all end up doing and how you are in the years to come. I hope we have a reunion someday and at least one of you is rich and famous. xD

Some day we'll be old and tired of things we can't even imagine yet. But we'll have our t-shirts to remember that we were cool once upon a time (Because let's be honest, I don't see any of you as cool oldies... Kidding!... We'll see.)

To those leaving for Masters: Well, looks like you can't really give up this education thing. I get it, you love exams. You get to graduate twice so, I guess that's a win. Good luck with your new journey! If you're part of the 'Shit, I have to leave home and live all by myself' squad, I wish you the very best! Stay safe and have fun.

To those who are going to work: Looks like we're in the same boat. We'll definitely be comparing our workplaces soon. The lecturers/ Viva examiners will be replaced by managers and bosses. The marks with literal-actual-money(!). At least we don't have to wear uniforms anymore.

To everyone else: If you're preparing for other entrance exams: Hope you do well! If you are so done with this IT field: I'm sure you'll be great at whatever it is that you want to do.  To those who aren't sure: Follow your dreams and do what you love! (Great advice, I know)

It seems like ages ago that we sat in class and were actually students. We've all grown up and are about to enter into the real world. I guess we'll all find out what being engineers really means. This ought to be interesting.

I hope I'll see you guys at our convocation ceremony!

P.S.- If I wrote basic shit like 'Have a Great Life' or just signed my name on your t-shirt, let me just say: You're all awesome and today was the absolute best! I'm happy we were all together for the last day of our senior year!

Also, this will be super awkward if there's some bizarre exam we all casually forgot about and end up going back to college.

Sorry for the mess of a post this is. I'm still in the 'what-the-heck-is-actually-happening-right-now' stage.