Tuesday, February 26, 2013

High School

School is hell on earth. Isn't it? At least mine is.
 High school. Where do I even begin? Four years that seem like an eternity, that is until its over.

 9th grade: 'Oh my goodness a new school in a new continent!!!' 'Uniforms?!' *ugh* 'Fine, nothing I can do about it now.' I joined the-hmm, maybe I shouldn't disclose the name so let's just call it 'the academy'. 'When I joined the academy in July of 2009 I was scared out of my wits. My fate of which section of the ninth grade to be put in was decided by my present mathematics teacher. And there my 'fabulous' time at the academy began. I was taken down a long hallway to a room at the corner. The plaque outside said '9D' My thoughts around this time ' What the hell is a section?! and Where the hell are these people taking me?!' I was to go into a classroom where  someone was teaching. I walked into the class and I could feel everyone's eyes on me. I didn't dare to look up because I way too shy. The teacher sized me up and she expressed complete disinterest. Her face said 'Oh great, another one.Ugh' She told me to sit down next to the girl in third bench. I slowly went and sat next to her. The teacher went on teaching her subject, (god knows what it even was). The girl that I sat next to told me her name. I told her mine, and that was that. Everyone was trying to act like they were listening to the teacher but it was quite clear that they just wanted to know about the 'new girl'. The teacher then finally made me go up to the front of the room and asked me to introduce myself. I told them my name and where I came from and the teacher made each student tell their names. I could barely     understand what the names were let alone how to pronounce them. I sat down and the girl next to me tries to make small talk. My thoughts around this time 'Oh god. I better speak slowly or they might not understand me, oh this is hell'. She started asking me questions about myself and she asks which languages I speak. I tell her telugu and english but not hindi. She gives me a complete look of disappointment and sighs. Meanwhile the guy in front of me starts passing chits to the girl and they keep this going for a while. *how rude*
The girl behind me calls me. I turn. Before even introducing herself she says, 'Hi. Don't talk to the four guys sitting in the last two benches. They're really bad.' I turn back to look at who these mysterious bad boys are but I couldn't get a look. I say 'Oh. Ok, thanks for telling me.'
The boring biology class ends and next is geography or something. The teacher comes in, yada yada. She asks me my name and where I come from. See around this time, I was still very scared about this new school (obviously) so when I say U.S. I accidentally stress on the 's' a little too much so it sounded like I said "you ass". Great, first day and I called the teacher an ass. The class just looks at me in awe and I have no idea what's going on. The girl sitting next to me tells me what happened. I thought people don't curse in private school. :P So naturally, I freaked. Afterwards however, nearly every guy in the class gets up, points at some other dude and says "You asss!" Thank god. The day went by pretty normally.. Except for the part where I'm told that the girl that usually sits in my place is actually a very egocentric bully who would probably kill me if she finds me sitting there the next day and that I look like olive (like olive and popeye) Wait what. Hold up. She's going to kill me because I'm sitting in her place? Yay. I didn't show up the next day so I couldn't really meet the psycho girl. I went back on the third day. *sigh* This was the day my teacher made my cry and almost made me absolutely hate the academy also the day I met the supposed psycho girl; who wasn't even a bully. So I obviously went home crying and begged to be taken back to the states. But that obviously wasn't happening. 

Anywho. That was the beginning of my time at the The Academy. I made a really good friend who I stuck with for the rest of the year and we had an amazing time. The four 'bad boys' ended up being pretty good friends. Possibly one of the first few times I actually started socializing with guys and made nice friends. 

10th grade: My best friend is gone! How am I going to bear with this stupid school. Well this was the year that my best friend had moved to a different state leaving me to rot. What fun. *sigh* I don't really remember much about this year but I do remember it being filled with drama, fun, crazy, lots of memories (good and bad).  
The summer before 10th I went on an educational school tour with my school. The tour was really fun and brought me and some of my other friends close together!

I had a lot of crazy stuff going on that year. My brain kind of blocked most of the intense complicated memories so all I remember is: One day, 'psycho girl' moved to my locality. We became really good friends and I completely confided in her for everything. Boards happened and school ended.  Decision time! Continue in school or go to an Intermediate college. Agh! 

11th grade: 
Well, I continued in the academy.  Oh god, in 11th we had one section, so that's about 40 crazy teenagers in one room. We got tons of new students. This year is also a blur to me. *curse my memory power capabilities*  This year psycho girl and I had our differences so I became close to my now bestest friend- Back story: Also the first person I ever met in The Academy (didn't mention that before). This was the year I got to understanding that high school seriously does have drama in all areas. The year flew by pretty quickly and it came to an end.

12th grade: Ooh. 12th. Same best friend :P Lots of new friends. This year pretty much sums of up what all high schools are like. Ah, the drama! Ah, the fights! Ah, the misunderstandings! It goes on and on. I never thought high school could be so messed up. So all we did was wish that it would just be over, nearly every day! Flooded with tuition and exams and studying, this year was insane. The disagreements and arguments lasted forever. But it all did simmer down sooner or later.
Farewell: Thank god! We're finally done! This is awesome, I'm so happy. After farewell: Oh my god. Is school really over. Is high school really over?! No. I don't want to go. Please. No!
And alas, it did come to an end. But I can't say that I'm all too happy about it now. Honestly, I will miss The Academy so much. It was a hell of a ride but the people I've met are unforgettable, the memories I've made are forever cherished, the lessons I've learned are a truck load and these four years are some that I could never forget.

Well, I'm done with that. Felt like I had to put it into words. Sorry if I bored you.
What I wanted to say was, high school are some of the best years of your life so stay cool, fool around, study hard, make plenty of friends and many more memories and above all, just have fun! You're not getting these years back.

Ah. That was so boring. Even I'm tired after that. Eughh.

Okay, I better go study for my finals. Bye!


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