Monday, February 6, 2017

The AC/DC Phase


It's been quite a while since I've been on here.

Who would have thought I'd have my AC/DC phase after my teenage years?!

I've loved the Supernatural soundtrack since I started watching it in high school. A week back, I started watching it again so I just decided to find the entire soundtrack. Hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, etc. weren't genres I listened to too often, back then . One of my friends back in high school loved everything metal. I was more into pop, pop rock, EDM, etc.
Nowadays, I'm not really feeling any of the music I've been listening to. I wanted something with sick beats and lyrics.  AC/DC is perfect for me right now. Highway to Hell and Back in Black are songs that I'm familiar with but I don't think I've appreciated them before now.

On another note, I still love Supernatural. I missed Sam and Dean killing things.

ALSOOO, I've just realized that my willingness to write a post today was because I finally started studying after a month (or so) and my default setting is to procrastinate.
Well, then next time I want to get to writing, I'll just do something I'll definitely procrastinate on.



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