Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Short Story 3

For the last two days, my Mother and I have been cleaning my study room. That is, completely cleaning it after nearly 2 years. I've found lots of funny stuff and little memories and notes among the piles of junk.

So here's an extract from a story I'd written in the tenth grade. I was supposed to be studying for my History Pre-finals but I'd already perfected the book. So I thought I'd try my hand at story-writing.

Note: There are soo many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Please don't mind them.
December 15 1865

       The french troops first came to Vietnam just a few days ago. They are coming in so fast. Father says that they can never take control of Vietnam, our home! But there is something he is not telling me. The words he speaks just aren't truthful. I fear something bad will happen. They all are hoping for the best. But will hope really save us?

My name is Trang, I live in Da Nang, Vietnam. Our family is big but our home is small. My mother says that the French are the reason behind our miseries. We can barely get a full meal. My grandfather and grandmother also live with us. They are too elderly to live on their own. All they do is sleep and occasionally get up whining at mother for food. My parents are very kind to them. They respect them greatly. I have never heard Mother complain abut them. 
Trieu, my older sister. She is eighteen years old. She is quite troublesome as my parents would describe her. Trieu is not pleased with our family's wealth. She always says that she wishes to have been born into a wealthier family. My parents hurt greatly at these words. They try so hard to please her. 
Even my brother works for our family's benefit. Anh, my brother, makes most of the family income. But even so, I heard my mother saying that the job will not last forever.

January 4 1866

       Brother came home with the most wonderful news today. He was offered a job in Tonikh as a translator. One of his friends' uncle has offered to teach him French as they are in need of a translator. For once, our small home had a cheerful atmosphere. My parents were so proud and my sister was babbling on about how she would go there and marry some rich fellow. Even our old grandparents were filled with joy.
But there was something wrong. I felt as if we were forgetting something.
"Wait!", I told them. "Is it just you moving to Tonkin", I asked my brother. Everyone's expressions grew grim. But he only smiled and said, "I am not going, we are going". My mother immediately disagreed. "Your grandparents cannot take the journey", she explained. "I have to stay here and take care of them". My parents went outside with my brother to discuss what must be done. I looked at our grandparents. They were sad again, the happy atmosphere was gone. Our house was back to normal. My sister had left the room already. I went and stood at the window for what seemed like an eternity. My legs grew numb, but I stayed there, waiting for my parents to come in. After about two hours, they came in with satisfied looks on their faces. "We decided", my father said, "Trieu and Anh will be going to Tonkin, you will stay here with your Mother and I". 
"What?!", I screamed. "Why do I have to stay here?"
"You are too young", my father replied.
"I am not young!, I am fourteen years old". before my father could say anything more, my brother interrupted, "I am perfectly capably of taking care of both of them Father, and like Trang said, she is not young". My parents only stared at Anh for a minute. A look of understanding spread across their faces. 
My father turned to me and said, "You are right, gather your belongings, it's a long journey". I jumped up with excitement, I hugged my parents and thanked my brother. I flew from the room before they could change their minds. I could hear mother say, "Only take what you need", to my sister. I giggled, I was going to Tonkin!

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