Friday, August 30, 2013


The impossible has happened. I've got glasses. Me, the girl with 20/20 vision has managed to screw up her vision by spending a billion hours at the laptop everyday. I literally asked for it. Now, I look like the "ULTIMATE NERD"; braces, glasses and all (The wrong interpretation of the common nerd anyway).
 I hate myself so much right now, it's not even funny. If I walk through the campus on the first day of college like this, I don't think I'd need a better boy-repellent. Actually, just people-repellent. The only good part is that I can actually see now; obviously. But the headaches have started up and I wish it would all just go away. No glasses, please! I'm fine with being braces girl for the next 6 months but after that I'll be glasses girl? NOOOOO! *cries* This can't happen to me. 
I sound like I'm over exaggerating a lot but I absolutely despise the idea of glasses. Not that people should stay blind or anything. I just don't like 'em on anyone. Especially ME!
Excuse me while I go look like a bug.


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