Monday, August 12, 2013


I've been bullied all my life. Here's one instance.

When I was in the third grade, I was bullied very frequently. My classmates would say mean things about my race, ethnicity, culture, food, etc.
They would almost treat me like a slave. Insults delivered to my face. Giggles as I turn away. Avoiding me in any way possible. 
One time I was eating some sort of rice dish and a bunch of people came out of nowhere saying 'Ew. Vishnu is eating pupa', 'Yuck, Vishnu. You're eating butterfly poop', 'That's disgusting, Vishnu. How can you eat that stuff?'
I can still remember breaking down completely at the lunch table. I couldn't even finish my lunch. I cried a great deal that day. 
Another instance was when I brought some type of Indian tomato soup eaten with rice. A classmate nudged me and my entire lunch fell to the floor. I don't remember whether or not it was on purpose but I can never forget the helpless feeling I had in that moment. No one even bothered to ask if I had anything left to eat. Luckily, my Principal happened to be in the cafeteria that day and she told my classmates to give me snacks from their lunches. 
I remember the pack of blonde and brunette girls in short-shorts and cheap lip gloss strutting down the hallways like they were models. The worst time to face them was in the restrooms. I would enter to see them bunched up against the far corner of the room. As I walk in, I'd hear them laughing like hyenas. Just a smile from my side would start up a series of hushed whispers within their circle. Even an attempt at trying to mingle would cause their faces to curve into nasty snarls and pointed insults to match. Getting out fast was the only way to escape their harsh stares and cruel words. 

"You don't even know we're talking about Vishnu! Don't act like you know everything. Oh and don't eavesdrop on us, it's annoying!" 

I still remember the 'Queen Bee' of the clique. A tall girl with shortly cropped blonde hair. She'd always be seen with a shiny, silver necklace around her neck shaped in the form of her name, 'Andrea'. She was known for being popular. 'The pretty blonde'.
 I fail to understand why girls like this rule the hallways of elementary schools. 

There have been many upsetting experiences that I've been put through in my life during acts of bullying. Most of which my brain has managed to block out. I remembered the above instances today. 

Bullying is terrible. I don't know what else to say on this matter. Just put yourself in the other person's shoes before you decide to mentally or physically tease them. It's not all that fun, is it? 

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