Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Axe Murder? .... Nah.

The digital clock reads 12:00- a Wednesday.
I felt like leaving the house for some reason today. I guess I wanted a minute to myself. It isn't cold tonight, there's barely a breeze. I can here the crickets and cicadas chirping in the garden downstairs.
I'm sitting on the stairs leading up to the terrace. I feel uneasy as my mind starts playing tricks on me. As if there's a masked murder creeping above. I get up to stand over the balcony railing. I look down at my hands. Why the hell did I paint my nails green? ugh. Mosquitoes keep biting me; another reason I despise the monsoon season.

 The sky looks so beautiful. I wish the clouds would clear out. Star gazing is fun. I hear sounds from next door. Either the bald dude that lives there is home or it's a burglar.
Nope, it's baldy.

P.S.- Sorry for the mini rant.

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