Monday, July 8, 2013


Love me. Love me not. Love me? Love me not?!
Since I was a child I've seen people plucking flower petals reciting these words trying to determine if 'THE GUY' loves them or not. I never really understood the concept behind this and thought it was kind of weird to be picking at these poor flowers. 

I'd always end up picking at the flowers saying things like, "I hate you? I really hate you?!" or just throwing the petals at the nearest victim.  
The world is a strange place isn't it?

Okay, I don't know the first thing about relationships... Oh who am I kidding?! I've seen so many different types of relationships since I was in elementary school for gods-sake! From the 9-year old girls and boys to the cooties. Ah, the innocence of the little ones.
To be honest, for most of my fourth grade, I was the girl people sought advice from about their 'love life'. During the recess time, people would take me to the farthest bench on the playground under two towering oak trees. They'd sit me down and start telling me all their troubles and problems in life. I would sit there listening to every single word they uttered and afterwards, I'd advise them to the best of my ability. A new person would ask me to meet them nearly every day. I literally felt like a teddy bear that a toddler talks to as if it were real. Mostly guys would be talking to me. I just didn't get along with the prissy, popular girls. So these girls obviously despised me even more. Yay me!
I remember this one instance where I was trying to get my best friend together with this girl he had a huge crush on. I started talking to her for his sake only to find that she liked my other friend. *Let me remind you this was the fourth grade!!* Anyway, I convinced her that Guy No. 1 was much better. Case Closed. Meanwhile, the guy 'realized' that he liked me. *GASP*
STOP, DROP and ROLL. I shrugged him off and went onto my other 'clients'.

I've been seeing my friends through all their relationships; some crappy and some adorable. From elementary school, through middle school and then here comes high school. I thought once I was India, everything would be different. How wrong was I?! I don't want to get into that right now but some people take things a little too seriously over here.

Long-distance Relationships: Every single long-distance relationship I've seen in my life till this point has ended terribly. It just doesn't work out. My friends always complain about it. Maybe some people can manage it, if so, props to you! 

Eh, well. It's all just a third-person view.

P.S.- Floricide is an actual word. It is the act of killing flowers.

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