Friday, July 19, 2013

Silent Night

The house is enveloped in darkness and I'm seated on top of the black marble counter at the edge of my kitchen peering out into the night. The only light in the room is from the small fluorescent bulb above the pooja mandir and the other of course, my laptop. The yellow streetlight flickers to life every few seconds casting eerie shadows of the trees onto the windows. The air is quite cool today but I liked the way everything was so calm in here. It's easier for me to gather my thoughts this way. There's a woman yelling something from the tall, grey apartment that looms over my house. Something about forgetting to do something once again. As I try to pinpoint her voice, I see the lights get turned off one by one in each floor of the building. Sleepy time for the little ones. I can hear the sounds of vehicles running off into the night. Wonder where they're going, maybe they'll be willing to take me along with them. To a place so far away that I'd be able to forget my life before. But no one stops. Why should they? They're probably out for a fun night in the city. I look out onto my neighbor's terrace as a small movement catches my eye. The door that leads up stairs is left ajar. It moves with the wind. The light they lit at the bottom of the stairs escapes onto their roof, in turn making another set of shadows. The white floor of their terrace is covered in tiny puddles from the showers before. Pieces of a broken plastic chair litter their terrace. It starts to drizzle and I can hear the pitter-patter of raindrops hitting against the roof. A strong gust of wind blows through the room causing the windows and doors to rattle. I shiver as I pull the sleeves of my sweater further down. A tiny sneeze escapes my mouth and I wonder if it'd be enough to wake someone. I here my mother tossing in her sleep and I peer out from behind the fridge to see if she's up. No one's coming. The house turns silent again. I can hear a girl screaming in a high-pitched voice next door. Oh, is she already back from China. She's always yelling at someone or the other. About it 'being her life' and 'her choice'. I don't want to be rude but she seems to be spoiled. Oh and those Justin Bieber songs! When I was told of her plan to study abroad, I was joyed to hear that my ears would be relieved from that ghastly voice and of course her rendition as she sang along with him. I once got up from the middle of my tuition and yelled 'Shut up! For gods sake!'. She didn't take the hint. 
Darn, I'm pretty thirsty. I get up to get a glass of water.
I giggle to myself. Someone's snoring. 

The air isn't as fierce as before now and it gently caresses my cheeks.
The clock strikes twelve. Somewhere in the world, a pretty girl is running home to her step-mother as her carriage turns into a pumpkin again. 

There's an ambulance in the next street over. Hope everyone's alright.
I pause to stretch my hands out. Haha. I remember screaming 'Arthritis' every time someone tried to crack my knuckles for me. I smile as I crack them now. I came to acquire this bad habit recently.
The bars for my wifi connection start to falter. Stupid Airtel.
My toes are snug and warm in purple socks and my head covered by a black hood. I would look like a criminal if I was lurking out in the streets. Jumping from shadow to shadow, scaring some passerby. 
A yawn escapes my lips. Time for some shut-eye. 

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